You can easily enjoy several sorts of live TV streaming, applications, and different matters thru the Amazon Fire Stick. For this, you have to have a sufficiently updated software program that significantly enhances its functionality. Whenever you purchase a new firestick, it is obligatory to have an amazon fire stick account setup without account correctly.

Amazon first launched Amazon Fire TV in 2014 with the help of which you used offerings to access your TV shows and applications. But after some time Amazon Fire Stick was born, which itself was a smart Set Top Box. It is very small in measurement and its functioning is additionally very good.

The hassle now is how to setup amazon fire stick without amazon account because not everyone knows the whole technique and they attempt to set it up with the help of YouTube or any different guide. But whenever he goes to do this, he receives to see some problem.

Here you will easily know the various reasons for this and how to setup amazon fire stick without remote. you can also connect with firestick support number for more details.

First of all, you have to take care of all the following things which are as follows:

  • You will need a high-speed wi-fi connection
  • You must have an Amazon account
  • It is not essential to have an account of Amazon Prime-only
  • You also have to maintain in mind that whatever TV you are using must be HD or UHD Plus with HDMI porting facility

How Do I Set up an Amazon Fire Stick Account

amazon fire stick account setup

Attach Power Source

First of all, you need to add power, for which an adapter is given along with your Fire TV Stick device. Whenever you connect power, each your fire TV stick and your smart TV must turn on.

Attach to Your TV’s HDMI port

You are also given HDMI ports which have to be attached. You have to take care whenever you process this, then your Fire TV stick is directly attached to your HDMI port. It is given on the backside of your TV.

Add Same Channel

Now it is time to choose your channel, for this you will have to turn on the TV with your firestick. But at the equal time, it has to be kept in mind that the identical channel is open on TV and Fire Stick. After some time, you start seeing the logo of the Fire TV Stick on your TV.

Remote Setup

A remote is provided with the Fire TV Stick which works with the battery itself. Whenever you insert the battery in your remote then it routinely pairs with your device.

If there is any problem with pairing, then you have to press your home button for 10 to 30 seconds after which the pairing method is completed.

Choose Correct Language

To set up a fire stick account, you are requested your mother tongue, which is also automatically set to default. You have to pick out your right language. You can also change your language doing this amazon fire stick 4k account setup easily done.

Make Wifi Connections

As you all know, any smart TV and smart system work only through an internet connection. For which step by step directions are also given on your home screen. You can also complete this manner with the help of a manual guide.

The Amazon Fire Stick connects to your WiFi community easily. You can experience its various services in your home or office. This is considered to be the most essential step for amazon fire stick setup directions, due to the fact if the internet connection will not work precisely then you will now not be capable to use any of these processes.

Activate Your Firestick

Now it is time to register or log in to your Fire TV Stick with your Amazon account, for which you have informed all the steps onscreen. But even then you are not capable to complete this process. Then you will have to understand the right approach to login and signup characters.

Login Into Your Account

If you have already created an Amazon account, then you only need to log in. For this, you have to follow all the steps given below correctly:

  • As soon as the amazon fire stick account setup is complete then you are asked if you want to log in you must open your web browser
  • Now open com
  • You have to click on sign in after clicking on account and list.
  • You are asked an email or mobile phone number
  • Now it is time to enter your password, after which your account is easily logged in
  • If you have any problem due to any reason then you can get your password again by clicking on Forgotten Password.
  • If you say not to use this entire process then you can log in directly through OTP.

Signup With Amazon Account

If you do not have an Amazon Fire Stick account then you can create an account, for this, you will have to follow the steps given below:

  • First, you have to open your web browser then enter
  • You must visit the Amazon signup page
  • Enter your account name
  • After which you will have to enter the email id which will be attached to your account.
  • Now it is time to enter the password which should always be unique
  • Now you have to enter the password again
  • After this, click on the creative Amazon
  • A new page appears in front of you, where the option of select payment also appears.
  • After entering all the details of your card, you have to click on the Next button
  • And you will attach it with Amazon after which the amazon fire stick account setup without credit card will be completed easily.

As soon as the method of sign in or sign up is complete, then you also see the choice of a parent control, which you can set at your own will.

During the setup amazon fire stick without amazon account, you will additionally be asked for prime membership, after which you will have to set up your various applications.

How to setup amazon fire stick without amazon account?

To use firestick you only need an Amazon account. Some customers get upset that they have to take the membership of Amazon Prime, but this is not the case at all. You can also use free content which is available on many applications. You can also enjoy TV, movie or music easily.

How do I bypass registration on Amazon Fire Stick?

You have to follow some steps which are as follows: Connect your firestick to smart TV then enter your account details. Set up your Amazon account and your service will start.

Why is my Firestick asking for an Amazon account?

This is an important condition of Amazon which is very important to follow, you have to fill some details and your registration is done after which all your apps and service starts.


You have already realized how to set up an set up a amazon fire stick 4k account and what are the imperative terms for it.

For greater information, you can talk on Amazon Fire Stick Customer Support. The technical team tells you to step by step process. If you want, you can share your trouble with them through Amazon chat or community too which is also regarded as a very good tool because Amazon is a very reputed corporation and takes excellent care of its customers.

How to Setup Amazon Fire Stick Without Amazon Account

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