Are your Amazon fire stick keeps pausing Netflix when trying to watch movies? The issue may be your Internet, Flow, or FireStick itself. In the following article, we will show how to diagnose and determine firestick pausing issues.

Stopping while streaming movies is frequent, although things should be fine, we don’t notice it. When the video is played more quickly than it is downloaded in the buffer, the video must be paused until the video has been downloaded and is ready to play.

This hitch is what we often refer to as “Fire Stick Black Screen Issues“, and it can disappoint users if their firestick stops. On a Fire TV stick or Fire TV cube, breaks can be brought about by a selection of issues, so the first solution is to pinpoint the problem.

Reasons For Fire Stick Keeps Pausing on Netflix

A slow connection is the most common reason behind firesticks stopping. You can test your rate using or To see if your house has the necessary bandwidth to manage the videos you watch.

If your home doesn’t have a pure speed problem, start troubleshooting:

  • Do you have other devices in your home with internet? If they are downloading documents, downloading movies, or getting a system upgrade, they can prevent too much bandwidth and never leave enough for firestick pausing.
  • Is there interference between your own fire router and firesticks? Thick walls, long distances, and wireless signals from other devices can interrupt the connection.
  • Can your ISP throttle video flow? Some online service providers gradually slowed down video streams to reduce bandwidth consumption.
  • Is your Firesticks low on RAM? Firesticks are not powerhouses at all, so if you have other apps running from the background, they can tolerate video flow.
  • Are your firesticks up to date? An older operating system can cause playback problems.
  • Can your firestick be overheating? If so, the entry device can possibly be changed instead of just streams.
  • Can firesticks be infected with malware? Malware may use resources on the device without your knowledge or permission.
  • Can the streaming source have sufficient bandwidth? Sometimes the difficulty may be at the other end of the connection, especially if your particular video is quite popular.
Fire stick Keeps Pausing

How To Fix My Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Pausing?

1. Check Updates

if Unable To Update Fire TV Stick then rebooting will close down all at present running projects and administrations. A fast reboot ought to be your first port of requiring any issues like the fire tv cube keeps pausing.

  • Open settings
  • Scroll directly and choose My Fire TV
  • Choose Restart

2. Check Wi-fi signal

You can estimate the strength of your signal in Fire TV settings:

  • From the home screen, go to Settings
  • Highlight the Wi-Fi system you’re currently connected to
  • check for Fire Stick No Signal issues and fix it

3. Signal Showing Best

If the connection is not powerful, try moving your Wi-Fi router or even the Fire TV to give it a crystal clear signal. Other wireless devices may interfere, so arrange your device. You can also think about using a Wi-Fi extender. Many Wifi routers include 5 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. So your my fire tv keeps pausing may be resolved.

4. Use VPN Service

A VPN communicates all information of travel to and from the aperture through an intermediary server of its consumer’s choosing.

If your Internet service supplier is throttling video streams, a VPN can hide the flow so that it is indistinguishable from every other type of download. This prevents your ISP from discriminating against certain types of online traffic, such as specific sources of video or data. Now the problem for fire tv stick keeps pausing solved.

5. Off Background Apps

Other programs on your Fire TV may use bandwidth and system resources, even when you are not actively with them.

  • From the home screen, go to Settings> Applications
  • Select Manage installed applications
  • Choose the program you want to close

6. Clear Caches

Each app has permanent and temporary storage on your first. Some apps may possibly escape control and store too much data, which uses limited distances of FireStick. The possibility of clearing stored temporary and data cached data can be found at the same place where you uninstall or prompt the app because firestick keeps stopping during the movie.

  • Go to Settings> Applications
  • Choose Manage Install Programs
  • Pay attention to information about each program. You’ll find out how much space the app uses on its own, how much data it stores, and also how large its cache has grown.
  • Choose apps that consume a lot of memory and use clear data and transparent cache options as important

7. Update Operating System

Any program that you simply install through the default Amazon program store that comes with your Fire TV should be automatically updated. When you install an app from another source, you will have to manually upgrade it using the same process you used to set it up in the first place and firestick randomly pauses to get solved.

Additionally, you need to maintain the Fire OS to prevent software conflicts and ensure that your device is more secure. Your Fire TV will upgrade itself when not in use. But if you want to manually prompt an update, follow these steps:

  • From the home screen, go to Settings
  • Select about
  • Scroll down and select Install update

8. Firestick Remains Initial State

Firestick skipping and pausing, then it may be subject to heavy loads from the program and the processes running on it. This will affect performance and induce stagnation in some scenarios.

Make sure the firestick can breathe. Remember that your own television produces heat; it can also possibly transfer any heat to firesticks. You can think of using an optional HDMI jack or HDMI extender.

9. Stop other Apps Which Taking Extra Bandwidth

Higher video features require additional bandwidth and system tools to playback and stream. Many video players can automatically select video quality to your advantage, but a lot of them provide you with the option to manually install audio caliber. A reduction settlement typically takes less bandwidth and may hold up to buffer-less.

Evaluate whether other devices at home are consuming bandwidth. They can do files or updates or video streaming. If your Fire TV needs to compete for money, this may be the short end of the rod. Stop various devices running download-heavy jobs to free up bandwidth for devices.

10. Factory reset

As a final resource, think of factory reset. This will definitely return your firesticks the way it did when you first left the factory. This means that all your programs and files will probably be deleted, so make sure to make copies and overview the programs you want to do again.

  • From the home screen, go to Settings> My Fire TV
  • Scroll down and select Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Select Re-set

Even though A Mill Reset is intense, it will wash away the slate and eliminate any persistent problems that may be the reason for stopping your firesticks.


So you can easily resolve issues for firestick keeps pausing with this guide. You can leave your comment with any suggestions. Enjoy your streaming with the Amazon firestick customer service number!!!

Why Does My Fire Stick Keeps Pausing Netflix

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