These days, a lot of problems are being seen in Amazon Fire Stick. Whenever we watch a program, there is a disturbance in our entertainment, due to which suddenly no picture is visible on your TV or there is a black screen error. That is why your amazon fire stick not recognized by tv .

To solve this problem, you have to adopt some methods with which you can enjoy firetv. If your fire stick is not recording your TV, then there are some reasons which can be:

  • You have applied the wrong HDMI port
  • Your wifi is not connected to the internets
  • HDMI wire not functioning well
  • Internet connectivity very low

Now the problem is that, what is the solution and how can we use it in the coming time so that there will be no problem in our entertainment.

Steps to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Not Recognized By TV

Unplug the power cord from the stick. Wait at least 5-10 minutes, and then replug the power cord to the Amazon Fire TV stick and wait for 5 minutes. Make your TV set ON. Reconnect the Fire TV stick with the HDMI port.

1. Check the HDMI cable

The HDMI cable plays a very important role with your fire stick and TV. Its main function is to transmit digital video and audio signals from one place to another.

When you use a bad or broken cable, the transmission stops and your tv not recognizing fire stick, and then you have to check that your HDMI cable is working properly or not.

If you feel that your cable is correct, then you can disconnect and reconnect your cable, this removes this problem and also connects your fire stick to the TV easily.

2. Check Power Source

With the help of a power source, you run your device but sometimes your device is not able to connect to your TV, then you have to check that your device is properly placed in the electric socket if it is not installed then you Can put it.

So that your problem is easily overcome, you may have to check the extension of your power source because it may be cut off or broken, in which case you can install a new power source. With the help of this, your fire Stick can get a new life again.

The Amazon Fire Stick comes with a power adapter that flows 1 ampere of power so we can say that there is not much power source required for Firetv. You can also replace your power adapter which is quite is easy.

3. Check Power Indicator Is Static or Not

When your device is working, after some time, suddenly amazon fire stick not recognized by vizio tv, and then you get upset, in this condition you have to check that your power indicator is working properly.

You have to read some ways from the fire stick menu where you will be told exactly how to place the right power plug.

Sometimes slight mismatch causes fluctuation in the indicator so that it does not remain static, if any damage is found then you can use a new device in this condition.

4. Confirm Accessories

When you install a new fire stick along with your TV, then it comes with a lot of accessories. How to use this accessory is shown well in the Firestick manual but sometimes we get these accessories wrong Put in a way that your amazon fire stick not being recognized by tv.

In this condition, you have to read the manual properly and with the help of technical help, you can install it properly.

We recommend you to use only those accessories that you have received, if you use any third-party accessories then your fire stick is not able to work with the accessories and you have to face different kinds of problems.

5. Reconnect Fire TV Stick

If your Amazon fire stick not working on vizio TV, Samsung TV, lg TV, sony TV, hotel TV & lg smart TV then you can solve it by reconnecting it, you do not know how to reconnect it, then let us know:

  • You have to turn off your TV, and then also remove the fire stick.
  • HDMI port has to be disconnected from TV
  • After this, the power cord has to be unplugged with a fire stick.
  • Now you have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Then connect your power cord to the fire stick
  • And then have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Now turn on your TV and connect Fire TV to the TV
  • Now you have to press any key on your Fire TV remote
  • After waiting for a few seconds, the input signal starts reaching the TV
  • And you get different types of commands
  • Now you can use your TV to see if it is working properly

6. Better HDMI Extender

If your fire stick not detected by tv then you may need to use HDMI Extender, which improves the connectivity of your wifi key, and your remote start working very well.

This extender is much larger and longer than the original HD, so you can easily connect your device.

As the length increases, you also keep your stick very close to your WiFi router, which helps increase its performance and makes your fire stick easily connected to the TV.

7. Change Resolution

If your amazon fire stick not detected by tv then you may need to check its resolution if the resolution is too low or too high then the TV will cause some problem with the fire stick.

  • You will have to press the up and rewind button on your device briefly.
  • After which you see a window
  • Where use current resolution is written
  • After selecting the option you have to wait for some time and your resolution fits well with your device.

8. Check Port Compatibility

The compatibility of your device can be a main region due to which your fire stick does not connect with the TV.

If any device is not compatible with its things then it will cause problems.

You have taken a new firestick, and then you think that instead of using the new accessories, use the old fire stick accessories.

Then the compatibility in this condition does not match because the fire sticks that are coming now are equipped with a lot of advances and new technology, so we will adjust you to always use the accessories that come with the fire stick as it is accordingly Is designed.

9. Check External Gadgets

Nowadays, many such gadgets have come in the market; we use them with our fire stick and enjoy it too.

We use those things for our ease, but you do not know that those gadgets do not work properly with firesticks.

In this case, you will have to remove all the accessories and check your device again.

If it is working well then you should understand that your gadgets are of no use, you can learn more about this by going to the Amazon Device Support Center.


Fire Stick Not Recognized By TV

Amazon fire stick not recognized by tv, this is a common problem that you can easily overcome with the above solutions. You have to take care of whatever power source, adapter, HDMI cable, and port you use. Doing it should be original and not broken anywhere.

You can also get community help with chat or online forums. You need to post your problems and the technical team will give you a perfect reply then you can apply that on your firestick. Firestick provides you all the possible solutions for it.

Amazon Fire Stick Not Detected by TV

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