The biggest streaming gadget is believed to be the Amazon Fire Stick. With the help of a one of its kind remote, it offers a wide range of functions. We can easily operate its various functions with its remote. However, if you do this regularly, you get the amazon fire stick remote blinking blue light problem. You don’t need to be worried about it; Just a few troubleshooting procedures need to be followed, and the problem will be resolved quickly.

What does flashing blue light on firestick remote mean

First of all, we need to know what is the meaning of amazon fire stick remote blue light flashing? It clearly turns out that whenever using Fire TV 4K, there is a blue light error on your remote screen. This is often caused by a failed power cycle or an improperly connected remote.

In other words, when the Alexa remote button is paused, then this problem will stop taking your voice commands and blue light will start billing in front of you. Because Amazon Fire Stick voice control is not working, your microphone may not indicate compatibility properly. As a result, you start getting troubled by this issue.

Why is my fire stick remote blinking blue

Now let us know what can be the important factors influencing amazon fire stick remote blinking blue light.

Problems with the power cycle

If the problem of fire tv remote blinking blue light is bothering you, there could be many reasons for this. For example, not completing the power cycle completely. Then your remote will stop working properly.

It also started showing a disconnected power supply and hardware issues.

This hardware issue may result in the blue light blinking on your remote screen.

Issues with pairing arise

You should clean the Fire Stick Remote Control Terminus from time to time. With its help, your battery provides power properly. But whenever this does not happen then your remote is unpaired. blinking light on amazon fire tv remote problem appears on your screen only because of remote unpair.

The Alexa button being pressed

Sometimes inadvertently the alexa remote button remains paused. This is often due to the dust on that button, for this, you should always keep it clean.

  If this button will remain on pause then the voice command will not be able to transfer property from one place to another and this may cause amazon fire stick remote blinking blue light.

There was no remote in use

Due to our busy schedule, we rarely use Fire Stick Remote. When you use your gadget after a long time, you may face some problems. The most frequent of these issues is the blinking blue light.

You don’t need to be worried about this. We will provide you the most effective option to solve this issue.

Issues with the battery

You’ve probably noticed that your various types of remotes stop working or display a blue light blinking fault.

This issue can be caused by a battery issue, such as the low remote battery, bad battery terminal, and more. You should replace the battery as a sensible solution for this.

Microphone malfunctions

Fire TV has an amazing feature called Microphone. We can transmit our voice instructions to our gadgets with the help of these microphones.

It is not working due to a hardware issue. or the pause button of the remote has been inadvertently left pressed

Alternatively, there may be a technical issue, so you don’t have to worry; Just take the basic steps and you may find that the matter was not as serious as you thought.

How do I turn off the blue light on my Amazon Fire TV

Let us know how we can overcome the problem of amazon firestick remote blue light blinking.

amazon fire stick remote blinking blue light

Replace the batteries in your FireStick remote

Damaged Amazon Fire Stick Remote batteries cause this problem somewhere. For this, you should keep checking it from time to time. You can also insert a new Fire Stick Remote Batteries inside it.

Remote battery failure is a common area that has been reported by many users, for you can follow the steps given below:

  • You are given a side flip button on the back of the remote which you have to remove
  • then get a new battery
  • Connect it to the remote in a perfect order
  • Now you come that your remote is on
  • After which it is also ready for pairing
  • Because this problem is also due to lack of pairing, we will know about it in the next step.

Pair the FireStick Remote with the FireStick

Due to the non-pair of the remote, you often face the problem of amazon fire stick remote flashing blue, after which your remote stops working.

We recommend always linking your remote to the device; Then you will be able to join. Let’s see how we can do this.

If you have already added your remote and it’s still not working. In this scenario, it must be unpaired, for which you will have to follow the instructions below.

  • Setup your Firistic and power on
  • Now move it very close to your TV and long press the back, plus and home buttons
  • You have to do this for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Now release this process
  • You come across that your Firestick remote is un-paired
  • Now it is the turn to pair, for this you have to follow the steps below.

Here we are telling you how to pair Alexa Voice Remote

  • First of all you have to unplug the Fire Stick or Fire TV Remote for 60-70 seconds
  • Now press and hold the left button, main button and back button for 12 to 15 seconds at the same time, after which you can release from
  • stay here for 10 seconds
  • Now it’s time to remove the battery from your remote, after which plug in your Fire TV Stick.
  • hold again for 60-70 seconds
  • Now put the battery you took out again in the remote
  • After this you have to press the home button where you see that your LED light blinks which indicates blue light.

This blue light tells you that your remote has been successfully paired. If it happens continuously soon then there may be a technical problem with your remote.

Clean the remote control on a regular basis

Clean your Alexa Voice Control or Fire TV Stick remote on a regular basis. You may easily finish this procedure by using a cotton ball. Sometimes it’s just your Alexa voice button to pause. This is often also caused by dust and you may find that your screen is having a problem with amazon fire stick remote blinking blue light. We recommend that you pay extra attention to the hygiene and upkeep of your remote.

Repair the power cycle

Power cycling plays a very important role. When an error occurs in the hardware or in any power supply, then the problem appears to be increasing.

After this, your remote shows blue light blinking error in an unwanted way. For this, you can reboot your device.

To reboot, go to the main menu and click on the Settings option. Here you will see the My Fire TV Stick option. Here you simply reboot by clicking on the restart button.

Problems with device compatibility

Amazon Fire Stick and TV Remote should be compatible with each other because if they are not able to prove the connection then the problem seems to be increasing somewhere, as a result of which you get amazon fire stick remote blinking blue light.

To avoid this, do a compatibility test or contact Fire Stick technical support. They try to provide you a better option in this regard.

If you adopt this method then there will be no problem in Alexa remote paused or power cycling on your screen.


As you can see from the examples above, there are a variety of solutions to consider, as well as the reasons behind each.

Again, if the situation is bad, we recommend that you speak to the technical staff.

A voice-activated protocol is included with the Fire Stick Remote. When there is a problem with this, the voice control of your Fire Stick will not work and then the problem of remote blinking appears.

As we said in the previous solution, you should also constantly clean your microphone button. This can be a great option.

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Blinking Blue Light – How To Fix

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