Amazon fire stick remote blinking orange light is a very common problem these days after which you are unable to connect to your first device. I was also getting this problem usually but I posted it on amazon fire stick support forum where I got some technical solutions. The Amazon employees were quite clear in their explanations of these options. This is something I’m going to tell you about.

What Does It Mean When Firestick Remote Blinks Orange

Whenever the Fire Stick Remote shows orange light billing, it simply means that the device has gone into discovery mode and is asking for permission to connect.

In other words, the Amazon Fire Stick device and remote will give you an indication through blinking orange light to pair with each other. So that you understand what you have to do.

You are still unable to finish this pairing procedure for whatever reason, and the connection continues to fail. That is to say, neither the Fire Stick control nor the device can complete the pairing procedure.

Why is my firestick remote flashing orange

First, let’s go over the many sorts of reasons why you could be experiencing this issue.

  • The first and most obvious reason is that numerous third-party apps are incompatible with your smartphone. Following that, the rising firestick remote blinks orange 3 times appears in front of you
  • There is a lot of disturbance between the Fire Stick device and the remote after which it is not able to cover enough range
  • Sometimes we keep our remote in some place from where it gets damaged internally.
  • If you use numerous Fire TV devices at the same time, you’ll notice this issue
  • You may need to change the remote battery of your Fire Stick device from time to time. Because if it becomes old then it stops responding after which the pairing problem starts.
  • If you haven’t installed the most recent Amazon Fire device update, you’ll see firestick 4k remote blinking orange and it will keep growing due to compatibility

How Do I Fix Firestick Remote Blinking Orange

Let us now look at the many sorts of amazon fire stick remote blinking orange light remedies, as a result of which this problem will not worry you as much; to do so, you must follow the steps in order.

fire stick remote blinking orange

Attempt a factory reset on your device

The simplest solution is to factory reset Amazon Fire TV Stick controls. After that, firestick remote blinking orange but not pairing turns away completely. This method is almost always effective for your device.

There are a variety of ways to go about this, but we’ll show you the simplest and safest way.

You can go to the settings and follow this step

  1. Both the Fire Stick device and the TV have to be powered on and connected.
  2. After which with the help of remote you can go to the setting option using the navigation button and select it
  3. You have to use the navigation buttons again and as soon as you scroll down, you will see the option “My Fire TV” in the right.
  4. After which you will find that there is a factory reset option here. As you click it. A screen will then appear in front of you asking if you want to complete the process.
  5. Then you click on the simple reset option
  6. Now you have to wait 5 to 8 minutes
  7. This process starts
  8. After the process is completed, you come to know that your problem is solved.

Reset the Fire Stick Remote to Settings

Now you have to go to the option to reset the device factory, if this method does not work for you, then there is no need to panic. You can also reset the function of the remote after which the fire tv stick remote flashing orange problem seems to be gone. let’s find out

  1. You have to press and hold the back button, menu button and left navigation circle button simultaneously. For which you have to hold it for 10 to 15 seconds
  2. Now you wait 1 to 2 minutes
  3. You will see that your Fire TV remote has gone into remote reset mode

Device must be paired again

As we mentioned amazon remote blinking orange depends on your remote pairing. If unpaired for some reason, then you can pair it again.

Repairing the device and remote enables it to exchange communication media with each other. After which the problem of orange light blinking goes away.

Let’s know how to complete it like this

  1. You have to press and hold the left button, main button and back button for 12 to 15 seconds.
  2. Now release the button and wait for some time
  3. It’s time to remove the battery from the remote
  4. Put the battery which was removed in your remote.
  5. After which you have to press the home button with the help of remote.
  6. As soon as these steps are completed, then your Fire Stick device is paired with the remote and you will not see any problem.

Connect with the help of support

If you have an amazon fire stick remote blinking orange light issue, you should notify the technical team right once, which may require you to contact First Customer Support through phone, email, or chat.

The technical staff will undoubtedly provide you with many sorts of solutions, and we are also attempting to provide you with this answer through our tutorial.

The battery should be replaced if it is damaged

You will be surprised to know that the battery of the remote can also be responsible for firestick remote blinking orange but not pairing. If you use a bad battery then it will not lead the range properly and you will get to see this problem. To do so, you must first purchase a new battery, insert it into your remote, and then attempt to activate the device using the remote. When everything is operating well, everything is related to everything else.

Resolve the Frozen problems

The frozen tissue can be responsible for fire tv stick remote flashing orange after which your remote and first are found unable to establish contact with each other.

If your screen is frozen, use the remote to press and hold the Home button for 8 to 10 seconds. Your device and remote will be repaired as a result of this action; alternatively, you can restart your device, which will appear to solve the problem.

Get rid of the Buffering Problems

You get the problem of buffering due to bad hardware, router, modem, and internet cable, after which it is natural to get a slow internet connection. An Internet connection can cause your Fire Stick remote to not properly provide the range to the device and get unpaired.

In this case, you must resolve the buffering problem. Your device has an option for internet buffering. You can obtain it by navigating to the Fire TV Stick’s settings, where you can also test the speed.

Keep other appliances out of the way

The use of various forms of interference and third-party programs between the Fire Stick device and the remote causes an issue, which we can simply solve if you follow a few simple steps.

  1. There are different types of electrical appliances in your house, due to which the problem of some mismatching arises. Therefore, you should keep your first device a little away from the range of all these electrical appliances.
  2. Set up your device at a short distance from the TV with which you connect the Firestick device. You can use extender cable for this.
  3. Amazon Forest keeps launching different types of products, which you keep at home, when these devices start working together, then the inconvenience of unpairing with the remote starts, so pay attention whenever you do not use multiple devices. then turn them off

Connected bluetooth devices should be disabled

The Bluetooth-enabled capability delivers Fire Stick devices and your TV to you. When a variety of Bluetooth devices are linked to your Smart TV, technical problems begin to appear.

As a result, the Fire Stick remote becomes detached once more. All you have to do is make sure that you delete Bluetooth devices from your smartphone whenever you are not using them. You’ll see that difficulty has vanished.

Verify the connections

Different types of connections are provided with the Fire Stick such as HDMI, extender, and ports.

It is also necessary to keep all these properly, otherwise, they cause problems, after which the problem of blinking orange light comes in your remote.

  1. Make sure the forest is getting power properly
  2. No damage to HDMI cables
  3. The port in HDMI should not spoil it from anywhere
  4. Internet problem is not bothering your device

Look for a new version of your programme

The easiest way to solve the problem is to update the software on your device. Then you realize that several technical and non-technical issues are not interfering with your remote and device. Let’s see how the firestick remote blinking orange but not pairing problem is fixed after the update

  1. go to the settings of the fighting stick
  2. Here My Fire TV has to be selected
  3. After that go to about option
  4. Here system update option appears, click on it and your entire device gets updated

Test out the Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Still, you are seeing the problem of amazon fire stick remote blinking orange light even though you have applied different types of solutions given above. In this case, you can use your Fire Stick device with the help of the Fire TV Remote app. Fire Stick is the easiest way to control the device as this type of application turns your smartphone into a kind of remote. It acts as a physical remote for the device.

You can get it from the Play Store to use it on your Android phone. After which initial settings have to be done and it starts working for you


We’ve done our best to provide you with a variety of options. These solutions were discovered with the assistance of Amazon Community Support, which also alleviated your difficulty.

If you continue to have this issue, you may contact the technical staff via chat support.

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange Light

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