What is amazon fire stick serial number lookup? Why do we need it? We will know about all these things below. We want to know the generation of our fire tv whether it is of the first, second, or third generation. Then you need Fire TV serial number, which is also very important.

Fire Stick has expanded its services very fast in recent times, which is operated by Amazon. In today’s time, many models of Amazon Fire Stick have been launched, which are given to you with better quality.

Why do we need a serial serial number lookup

When we use a third-party application, then you are asked to look up the serial number of the fire stick. You get upset that where to find it, then you will not have to think at all. You can easily take all this information through this guide.

Some people use the facility of Fire Stick Jailbreak even if you are asked for Fire TV model number. Your amazon fire tv serial number lookup contains various types of information which are mentioned below.

  • Within this, you are provided with information about manufacturers, condition, device hardware, revision unit, revision year, manufacture week, manufacture date, and manufacture.

What does it mean firestick serial number lookup

What does amazon fire stick serial number lookup mean? As we all know that this serial number is printed outside the box of Fire TV Stick. Through which you get to know the relationship between the software version and the device.

If this number is not set on any device, then you should not take it because it may not be suitable for fire stick usage.

Foxconn currently combines all Fire TV Stick devices then some numbers are set on it. Those numbers which start with 0 then you know that the device was sent new. If it is switched on from number 1, then that fire stick device is being delivered from the refurbished unit.

Where is Firestick serial number

fire stick serial number

How to find amazon fire stick serial number? You have to take different types of methods, only after which you can find them.


  • The first thing to do is to separate the fire stick from the smart TV.
  • Whenever you go to separate, you will have to disconnect your TV and device with power.
  • You carry your Fire TV Stick device in your hand and your eyes to the Amazon brand name and people.
  • You see an FCC ID model number and made in
  • Now you can see the fire stick model number which you have to note down and keep.
  • By doing this you can use it again and there is no need to lift the device again and again.

With settings

You can also easily see the firestick serial number lookup in your device’s settings, for which you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, go to the home page of your fire stick device
  • Now you have to click on the Settings option
  • Under the Settings option, you see the System Information option.
  • After which click on the ABOUT option
  • At the top, you see the fire stick serial number or model number of your fire stick and note down it.


Now you know very well how to find the fire stick model number or serial number from your device? If you are facing any inconvenience, then you can easily get this information with the help of the firestick Support Team. You can share us in the comment box where we will try our best to help you.

Do fire sticks have serial numbers?

Yes, you can get it on your device. all the information mentioned correctly so you can easily know it’s new or refurbished. If the device starts from 0 then it’s sold new, while a 1 Indicates the device was refurbished.

Can a Amazon Fire Stick be traced?

If you find the serial number of your firestick, there is no such way to get your lost device. Once you register your device, then maybe it can be brought. Never share your Amazon prime account information with anyone.

How Do I Find the Serial Number on My Amazon Fire Stick

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