Is your amazon firestick buffering 2020? Then here you can get information with proper solutions but before the start, you need to know some basic things about the fire TV stick. It is entertainment for Consumers Company who is providing better online and cable TV programs. It also provides very low coast content with live series in high definition.  This is very quick to set up and you can also download its apps on google play store.

Amazon Fire TV stick provides also an inexpensive and portable device with live TV, movie games, and much more. Now fire TV cube also launch which is really working fine with it. Now a day’s fire sticks creating issues which are called firestick buffering issues fix then you are searching for its solutions also. Many customers are still facing fire TV cube buffering issues also.

Note: This issue is temporary and comes 2 to times in a month so do not worry about it because it can be easily fixable for you. These kinds of bugs and issues resolve basically restarting also

Here you can know the basic terms:

Why Amazon Fire Stick Keeps is Buffering?

resolve firestick buffering
  • When you are using slow internet connections
  • Firestick size cache is increased
  • Your current IP creating issues
  • Remote server malfunctions
  • Due to device updating error
  • Your device hardware is damaged
  • Lost your application data
  • Due to unnecessary applications
  • When you are using bad VPN services
  • ISP Throttling
  • Your application is not compatible with the current version
  • Bandwidth restrictions

Note: You know your fire TV automatically downloads the content and create temporary cache on a certain path. So when you use your content then you are using that path form cache. Now your device does this again and again with lots of caches. After that, it starts creating fire tv buffering errors. This problem is increased when you use the low-powered connection. Now you understand why your device behaving likes this.

How to Fix My Amazon Fire Stick Slow Streaming

Stop ISP Throttling:

When your internet speed is very slow then it creates these terms so you need to fix these issues rapidly so here are few tips to recover it.

amazon fire stick buffering
  • You need to use a secure VPN service for this
  • Always use the official site to download VPN and make an account
  • Now verify your detail and login
  • Select the nearest location to make internet service fast
  • Your ISP provider will scan your results and provide you with fast internet speed for your device.

Fix your server issues

For fixing server errors you need to apply some setting like

  • Go to your network area
  • Click on general settings
  • Choose reset networks
  • Now go to the main account and click on the confirmation screen

Change Video Cache Size Now

You now minimum cache size is 70MB so if you have fast connections then store all the content on auxiliary memory. After changing these setting your device load fine and provide better streaming. Now, remember that you have restarted your device in a proper way.

Check your Ip location

This is the usual reason for failing fire stick loading properly so different IP locations can create risky operations. You need to change your IP for the nearest location which means your content load fast on the device. If your VPN is not connecting then restart your router and wait for 30 sec. if the problem is still the same then it might be your ISP problem then calls them and resolve buffering on firestick.

Fix your internet speed

What kind of ISP service are you using? This is the main factor while using a fire stick. For firestick buffering, this creates an error and you lose your connection. You device working on high bandwidth then make sure you have a proper connection. Here are a few tips for making fast internet:

firestick buffering j
  • When you are using a bad router then this is the main error. This is my personal experience because I was using lots of routers but the error remains the same as I choose the best router for me like Netgear and Tinda route.
  • Always use modem which is given by national broadband networks, it automatically detect your problems and configured.
  • Always install good quality filters which resolve your most of speed problems
  • You should check external interfaces because electromagnetic error causes a slow connection and creates errors like firestick buffering.
  • Always update your router or modem to the latest version
  • Choose the best settings for your routers because sometimes the default setting is not well then talk to the router person which guides you well and makes connections better.
  • Ask for high-speed bandwidth from router company
  • Always check for DNS setting which should be up to date always and sending right signals to the right access.

Note: if you want to check internet speed then go with spectrum internet speed test.

Wifi Router Should Be Closer
firestick slow loading
  • You need to improve your WIFI router power then here is quick tips:
  • Signal power is the main key for better streaming. You need to put your device closer to firestick.
  • Click on firestick home screen and move to settings
  • Now times to click in-network option
  • Find wifi address or name
  • After a few seconds you can see there is signal strength option appears
  • When is clearly indicates that very good status then you are not In trouble then you need to put router closer to fire stick like 10 to 20 feet? You can but\y brand new wifi signal booster for that also because it speeds up signal power and provides better support.
Apply High Speed Ethernet Connection Cable

Do you know the wireless connection is very much weak as compared to the wired connection so always use a wired connection? otherwise creates Sound On Firestick

  • Plugged into your fire stick with a wired connection
  • Closer all electrical and mechanical device perfectly
  • Buy a smart adapter for firestick and connect cables to the device. The open guide provided by Amazon and connects all terms like the Internet, Uplink, WAN, or WLAN port.

Configure your RAM                                           

It is understood if you use higher your RAM then the speed of working very good. Firestick does not have high Ram but enough for streaming your working content. Using low RAM creates amazon firestick buffering issues fix and some other apps also keep hanging on screen and you need to close them also.

fix buffering on firestick

Always clear Ram after watching your content and check for background application also closed. Some apps running silently at the background area then click on close forcefully.

  • You can easily use different apps for clearing Ram but at fire stick, you have inbuilt application for it. Go to background apps and process list by the home screen
  • Go with on-screen useful instruction
  • Open that application
  • You need to un-tick on an open app on boot
  • Now you find all apps which are working in the background then close all applications
  • Press the okay button and refresh device

You can use clear app data completely by reset your application. Here are simple tips for that

  • Open you fire stick setting with the help of home screen
  • Go to application option
  • Click on manage my all application area
  • Find the list of all installed app
  • Click on buffer issues resolve wizard
  • Now you get clear Ram data and close application
  • Click to confirm and refresh device again

Check For Privacy Settings Always

You know Amazon fire tv always collects your details like Facebook, Google, and Hulu for making your search useful secure and improve user experience. Due to this fire stick store and run application in the background area and produce buffering on fire stick. You can easily manage these things and stop monitoring by fire stick OS.

  • Click on setting wizard
  • Next to screen click on the preference
  • Go to privacy settings
  • Click to turn off privacy monitoring by device usage data and collect application data usages
  • Now click on data monitoring
  • Turn off data monitoring and confirm changes

By doing this you can easily fix issues like amazon fire stick keeps buffering

Update failed On Fire Stick OS

Always get an updated version of fire TV stick. You use old fire stick software then experiencing buffering issues. You can click on update automatically also then no need to update again and again. Here are perfect steps to check it now:

  • Click to open fire stick settings
  • Choose about option
  • Click to check for an update as like we check on mobile devices
  • Wait for 5 to 10 second when updates are available then its shows you up.
  • Now your device is ready for the update

Check for Overheating

No longer all FireStick gadgets would overheat. However, if you are here, yours likely did. You aren’t alone. I have come across numerous court cases on the internet. Consequently, I decided it would be an awesome idea to write a manual.


Here are some fixes:

  • Use HDMI extender because when fire sticks too close to your tv then creates buffering error on fire stick heating.
  • You need to keep your fire stick inserts on the side panel
  • Always clear heavy and loaded application
  • For preventing overheating force close useless application
  • You need to refresh or reset your device because it also creates overheating problems
  • If you are not using any application then try to remove it
  • When you use any third-party application then delete apk files because it creates lots of caches also
People Also Ask

What causes buffering on Firestick?

Buffering on Firestick due to some causes like remote server slowdown, ISP throttling, Ram problems and much more.

How do I stop my Firestick from buffering?

Always turn off somes application form background which you are not using now.

How to stop buffering on firestick 2020

You need to stop application updates then reset device and refresh it.

Why does my Firestick keep on buffering?

Due to technical problems from your ISP creates Firestick keep on buffering issues. Call Toll free helpline for rsolve this.

Why does my streaming keep buffering?

You need to stop all activate downloads, pause your all videos and wait for 30 sec to resolve amazon fire stick slow streaming.


Hoping this article resolve your all issues for amazon fire stick keeps buffering. This section has all the possibilities which creating these errors. Fire stick is fun apps which provide viewers access to various things. Now, no more buffering issues on fire stick will bother you if you have any suggestions then you can share in the comment section which is very helpful for others also.

Fix Buffering on Firestick 2020

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