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Is your Firestick is dead silent or any mechanical buzzing sound is coming out of it? Amazon firestick no sound is a common issue that you may face anytime. You can fix the issue all by yourself with some knowledge on the work ability of the device. Here, several troubleshooting steps are discussed in details for your convenience and fix the issue at the first instance to keep this amazing device working.

Know Your Firestick Well For Amazon Firestick no Sound

Totroubleshoot your device’s problem, it is always feasible to understand how thedevice works and which parts get disturbed most often and why? Amazon Firestickis a versatile device, it is a multifunctional device. Till now three modelsare available in the market:

  • FireTV Stick for 1080p Video
  • TVBox for 4K, HDR, and Ultra HD Video playback
  • FireTV or Echo Device with connected voice assistance 

TheFire TV is programmed to integrate with Amazon streaming system making playingvideos or music or using any related applications smooth sailing. An HDMI isconnected to the Television receiver and also with a Firestick for the expectedfunctionality. Your TV set needs to be configured with these devices. In case,you don’t understand how to connect the devices or connect them with oneanother, you can contact Amazon Firestick support or your vendor.

Different Ways to Fix Fire Stick no Sound Issue

Youcan solve the Amazon firestick no soundissue yourself with a little bit of knowledge and effort. Following are callprobable problems and their solutions:

Firestick Power Supply Plugging Problem

ManyFirestick users plug the USB power cord into the TV. A TV set cannot provideenough power through a USB port to keep the video and audio of Firestickrunning. If you are doing so, the sound problem may be due to this wrongfulconnection. Plug the power supply cord of Firestick directly into theelectrical outlet.

Restart The Firestick

Ifthere is a problem in getting sound, you can restart the Firestick to see therewas any temporary connectivity problem or files uploading problem. This is justlike you fixing laptop or smartphone freezing problems. In most of the cases,these solve the amazon fire tv no sound issue.

Ensure that TV audio is not muted

Manytimes, users unknowingly mute TV audio and couldn’t get any sound. Check yourTV set and ensure that the audio system there is not muted. Take the remotecontrol of the TV and press the “Mute” button. If the TV screen shows that theaudio is “Unmuted”, your problem is solved.

Ensure The Audio Receiver is powered on

If you are using an “AV receiver” to get Firstick’s audio through an external audio system like home theater, ensure that the AV receiver is getting the power and the appropriate switches are on.

Ensure The Dolby Digital Output on Firestick is Turned Off

Theamazon fire tv no sound problem maybe due to incompatible Dolby Digital external sound system. To sort out thisproblem follow the steps given below:

  1. Withthe help of Firestick remote go to the Firestick home screen and then select the“Settings” option.
  2. Thenselect “Display & Sounds” option.
  3. Thenselect “Dolby Digital Output” and ensure that it is turned off.

Ifyour surrounding sound system does not support Dolby Digital Plus technology,Dolby audio does not work properly and Firestick produces no sound.

Check The HDMI Connection to Your Firestick

The no sound condition of Firestick may be due to inappropriate HDMI connection. If the HDMI extension cord is loosely attached to the system, you never get any sound. Fix this issue in the following way:

  1. Unplugthe HDMI connection from the system.
  2. Re-attachthe HDMI connector properly.
  3. Switchon the Firestick power.

Check Your Extended Sound System And Ensure Everything is Hooked up Accurately

If there is an audio or video receiver to access louder Firestick audio while facing issues amazon firestick no sound samsung tv, then ensure that the system devices are rightly hooked up. There are two ways in which you can hook up your external audio/video receiver:

  • Whenthe TV is used as an output medium – In this setup, the Firestick is attachedwith the HDMI port of the external sound receiver. This external sound receiveruses the HDMI signal as output to the TV. You have to ensure that the externalsound receiver possesses an HDMI port; otherwise, the system never works andyou don’t get any sound.
  • WhenFirestick plugged into the TV set and another cable going from the TV set to AVreceiver – Here, your Firestick is directly linked to the TV set and anotheraudio cable going from the TV set to AV receiver. Three types of cables used,these are options: RAC cable that is a quite traditional one with red and whiteends as you could see or new-age optical cable for audio signals, or 3.5 mmaudio cable.

Takethe remote control of your TV set and locates the “settings” then ensure theaudio output option is turned on”. Different TV sets abbreviate it in differentnames like “External Audio”. You have to understand the term to make it work.

Ensure That The HDMI Port is Audio Compatible

Thisproblem is another common Amazon firestick no sound issue but often remainsunnoticed. If the HDMI port you are using does not support audio, you never getany sound. Ensure that the HDMI port with which the Firestick is attached doesnot say “PC”, “DVI”, or “Monitor”.

Make Sure That The Volume on Your TV or AV Receiver is Good

Ifmistakenly the volume of your TV set is turned at the lowest level like 0, itmight seem that the Firestick has no sound. A similar thing happens if thesurround sound or external sound receiver’s audio level is kept at the lowestlevel. Fixing this issue is simple. Simply, take the TV remote or surroundsound system’s remote and press sound up button.

Try Another Firestick Input

Ifthere is more than one HDMI port in the TV or external sound system and Amazonfirestick no sound problem occurs, try another HDMI port. Sometimes, the olderHDMI port may function erroneously or completely dead.

Are Cable Connections Functioning in The Way They Are Supposed to?

Youmust ensure that all the cable connections are functioning well. To ensure thatcable connections are working appropriately follows the steps below:

  1. Check the HDMI connection and external audio cables.
  2. Use a new HDMI connection cable if the older one is quite old.
  3. Overturn the connector ends and see if that works.

Check The Internal Speaker of Your TV Set

Inmost of the TV sets, a specific setting is found that turns the TV speaker ONor OFF. You can check this by opening the Audio section of the TV’s settingsmenu. From there, check whether the internal speaker is kept “ON” or “OFF”. Ifit is “OFF”, make it “ON”.

Fire TV Software System Needs to be The Latest One

Amazonupdates the software system from time to time to resolve previous commonglitches and fix bugs. Make sure that your Firestick software is updated:

  1. AccessFireTV home screen and then select “Settings”.
  2. Thenselect “System” and then select “About”.
  3. Thenselect “Software version” and lastly press “Check for System Update”.

Close The Entire Firestick App And Then Restart It

Sometimes,the problem of Amazon firestick no sound occurs due to the app if it is notuploaded properly when you open the Firestick. The simple solution is close itcompletely and restart it. Do this in the following way:

  1. Select“Settings” from the home screen and then choose “applications”.
  2. Thenlook for the option managed installed applications and select the applicationyou are using like “Netflix”.
  3. Thenchoose the option “Force Close” (you could have done this in your smartphone).
  4. Now“Launch” the application again and see if the problem is solved or not.

Uninstall And Reinstall The Apps

Insome cases, wrongful operations of the apps keep the system silent. The onlysolution, in that case, is completely uninstalling the apps and then againreinstalling them.

  1. Goto the “Settings” option from home screen and then select “Applications”.
  2. Thenselect “Manage installed applications”.
  3. Thenselect the app that you sense not working such as “Hulu”.
  4. Uninstallthe app completely, you could see the option.
  5. Reinstallthe same app (or higher version, if available) with the help of “Search” functionas visible on the Firestick home screen for firestick sound stopped working.

Replace The Current Cable With an Optical Audio Cable if You are Using an External Sound System

Ifyou are using a surround or external sound system like home theatre and thereis an optical audio port attached with the system, then try an optical audiocable to connect your TV set with the external sound receiver. Do this in thefollowing way:

  1. Buyan optical audio cable if you don’t have one.
  2. Connectit to the back end of your TV and the other end with the sound system.

Switchthe TV connection or external audio system with Firestick to another inputoption. Most modern-day TV sets have a few different “inputs” such as HDMI, PC,and DVD.

If You Are Using Adapters or Splitters Ensure That All Ports Are HDCP 2.2 Compliant

ManyFirestick users use adapters or splitters. Use of HDMI splitter is quitepopular among Firestick users. If you are one of them, ensure that allconnections and ports are HDCP 2.2 compliant. Even if a single connection orport is not HDCP compliant, you will not get Firestick audio.

Resolution May be The Issue

Sufficientpower is required to transfer 1080P resolution video signal along with the audiosignal. You can solve the problem by changing the resolution from 1080P to720P. For this, select the relevant options from either Firestick remote or theTV remote. In some systems, users need change the resolution using both theremotes.

If Using Echo Dot Then Disconnect It

Inmany instances, Echo Dot has been found to be the actual issue behind fire stick sound cutting out problem.If you are using an Echo Dot set and Firestick is silent, disconnect the EchoDot and restart the system. To disconnect it just say “Alexa, disconnect fromFire TV”.

Prevent Overheating of Firestick

Overheating may be an issue inyour case. You can use HDMI extender cable to prevent the system fromoverheating. Many old model TV sets generate lots of heat that comes out of thevent ports on the back of the TV heating up the Firestick. In that case, usethe extension cable to keep the device away and prevent it from overheating.

If all these efforts from your part don’t work for firestick sound stopped working, call Firestick customer support phone number for expert to fix the real issue.

What Should I do If Amazon Firestick no Sound Comes – Latest Fix
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