A well-functioning central channel speaker on Amazon Fire Stick is considered very important for providing clear and deep communication. If you are also facing bad center channel sound on Fire Stick then we will tell you the complete solution above.

There are a few reasons why your center channel might sound muddy.

  • If you are using an old or damaged channel speaker then the full range of frequencies that produce speech and communication does not work properly. In this situation, you may see some problems with the center channel speaker.
  • If the center channel is too loud or too quiet, the sound balance may be disturbed. After which the communication method becomes quite useless and it seems almost impossible to properly calibrate the central channel.
  • Sometimes the acoustics in the room may be a problem. For example, if your room has too many hard surfaces, it reflects sound waves, resulting in poor communication

How To Fix Muddy Center Channel On A Firestick:

Check the audio settings on your Firestick

If you are facing a center channel sound muddy firestick problem, then definitely check the audio settings, for which you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio
  • Make sure the Audio Output is set to the correct device
  • Adjust the Audio Sync setting if there is a delay between the audio and video
  • Try different Audio presets to see if one improves the sound quality
  • Enable Night Mode if you want to reduce the overall volume of the audio.

Check the audio settings on your TV or soundbar

Immediately after this, you will have to check the audio settings on your TV or sound bar, for which pay special attention to the things mentioned below:

  • Consult the manual of the TV or soundbar to find the audio settings menu. Use the equalizer setting to boost the center channel.
  • Here you will also have to adopt various sound modes of the TV, by changing which you can improve the sound quality.
  • With this step, the sound on your TV will start working properly.

Check the physical connections

If you are still getting this problem, then check all the cables connected to the Fire Stick and TV step by step. Also, check whether the cable is properly connected to your TV or soundbar or not. You can get this information by reconnecting the cable.

In any case, if any damage is found in the cable, then you must replace it with a new one. By doing this the sound starts coming properly.

Update the Firestick software:

If the central channel on Fire Stick becomes muddy then you should try to update it immediately. Once Amazon Fire Stick is updated then it does not cause this type of problem at all. Follow these steps to update it.

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Software Update
  • If an update is available, install it and restart your Firestick.

Restart the Firestick:

Amazon Fire Stick is a type of device that creates some problems with time. If there is any problem related to the central channel, then you should reset it immediately. Once the Fire Stick is reset, it will start working with your TV and producing good enough sound.

  • For this you will have to follow these steps: Hold down the Select and Play/Pause buttons for 10 seconds until the Firestick restarts.

Test Center Channel Speaker

You can also adopt another method under which you have to pair the central channel speaker with some other device. Now you will get complete information on whether the problem is really with your central channel speaker or the problem is with the firestick. If the Fire Stick device is found to be faulty then you can replace it, get a new one, or repair the old one.

Contact Support

Amazon Fire Stick Support is a way where every problem of yours is listened to carefully and completely resolved. If you are facing any problem related to the central channel which is found to be related to the Fire Stick then it will be resolved immediately.

Fix Center Channel Muddy on Firestick

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