You have been using Red Ball Game on Amazon Fire Stick for a long time. But to free up storage space or if you no longer want to use the Red Ball Game service, you can delete the Red Ball Game app from your Fire Stick. This guide from firesticksolutions will provide clear, step-by-step instructions on how to remove Red Ball Game from your Fire Stick in a few steps.

Prerequisites to note

Before deleting the Red Ball Game app, make sure you have the following:

  • You must have a Fire Stick remote to navigate through the menus.
  • If you want to manage your Red Ball Game apps online, access the Amazon website.
  • If asked to confirm a change, you must also have your Amazon Fire Stick password or Red Ball Game password.

Delete Red Ball Game via Fire Stick interface

The fastest way to remove Red Ball Game is directly through the Fire Stick interface. Let us know how:

  • From your Home screen, scroll down to the “Your Apps & Channels” section.
  • Locate the Red Ball Game app icon.
  • Press and hold the Select button on your remote for a few seconds – this will open an options menu.
  • Select “Remove from Favorites” to remove Red Ball Game from the Home page ribbon.
  • Alternatively, select “Uninstall” to completely remove Red Ball Game from Fire Stick.

You may then be asked to confirm via an on-screen prompt. Select Delete or Uninstall Red Ball Game on this pop-up window as well. After a few seconds, Red Ball Game will be removed from your Fire Stick.

Note: Keep in mind that uninstalling also removes any downloaded Red Ball Game content.

Delete Red Ball Game via Amazon website

You can also use Amazon’s website to manage Red Ball Game apps on your Fire Stick:

  • On your computer, log in to Amazon and go to “Manage your content and devices.”
  • Select your Fire Stick device.
  • Go to “Apps” in the left sidebar menu.
  • Locate Red Ball Game and select “Cancel subscription” so you no longer have access.
  • Return to “Your Apps & Channels” and find Red Ball Game again.
  • Select “Deregister” to remove Red Ball Game completely.

Amazon will then automatically sync and deregister Red Ball Game on any devices signed in to your account.

Delete Red Ball Game Via ADB Tool

  • Enable ADB debugging on your Firestick.
  • Connect your Firestick to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open a command prompt on your computer.
  • Enter the following command:adb uninstall <package_name>
  • Press Enter

Why You need to remove Red Ball Game on firestick device

To Cancel Unused Red Ball Game Subscription

If you no longer watch Red Ball Game regularly. So deleting the app will cancel your active subscription. After this you will not be charged recurring monthly or annual fees.

To free up storage space

The Red Ball Game app and downloaded videos take up a significant amount of storage space on your FireStick. If you’re low on capacity, uninstalling Red Ball Game will help free up space for new apps and content immediately.

To improve firestick performance

In some cases, having Red Ball Game or other apps on can cause general slowness when navigating your Firestick’s interface and menus. Deleting large apps like Red Ball Game that you can no longer access helps speed up performance.

Declutter your home screen

Removing Red Ball Game helps clean up your FireStick’s homepage by getting rid of shortcuts to apps you no longer use. This menu declutters the system and makes access to active apps easier.


So you can easily delete Red Ball Game on firestick. If you have any issues then immediately connect to the Fire Stick or Red Ball Game customer care number. 

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