Whenever you play your favorite TV show or online game on Amazon Fire Stick, you get the message of error code 5505 amazon fire stick many times. if you are in another country you get this only when you decide to watch any content on your prime video. After that you updated the country settings then it doesn’t appear on your screen.

error code 5505 amazon fire tv is one of the most common problems. To fix this type of error, it is very essential to know its solution, if a person does not know about any real solution then won’t be able to resolve fire Stick frozen issues also.

If you receive prime error code 5505 or 1055 when trying to stream Prime Video content on your Fire TV, you’ll need to check that your country’s prime settings are updated in the country you’re streaming content from. If this is not the case then this problem comes the most.

Reasons of of Error Code 5505

It becomes very necessary to know, what is the real cause of this error which is as follows

  • The biggest and main reason for error code 5505 is that you do not set the Amazon country setting at the time of the country from which you operate the device. Amazon recommends you whenever you are streaming something, then you have to set those country settings. you have to adjust step by step only then you can take advantage of its current service
  • The error code 5505 amazon prime comes to your screen due to another condition, which we also call a refurbished fire stick device. This means that whenever we use an old Amazon Fire Stick, it has some such settings. But whatever new fire stick is coming to your country, you get it with a different setting, due to which you are unable to update the settings and you keep getting this problem.
  • The next most important reason is that when you are viewing your content, you also need very fast internet speed, but due to any reason there is a hindrance in this connectivity, then you start getting error 5505 Amazon prime.

Error Code 5505 Meaning on Amazon

Let us now know what the error code 5505 is after all.

When you move from one place to another and also use your fire stick, then you get this error due to the location change, i.e. we can say that it is the one that gets when moving from one place to another. There is a kind of device error that can be easily overcome by setting Amazon country settings.

How to Fix Error Code 5505 on Amazon Fire Stick

Error Code 5505

Change Location Settings

As we all know that this error can be overcome by updating our location settings which is also very easy, let’s know how to do this.

  • Open your web browser and go to your device settings
  • Now you are asked to sign in so that you can access your account.
  • You must enter your email ID or phone number
  • Now click on the Continue button
  • After login, you have to go to the settings
  • Now click on Country and Region Settings
  • You will see the option of change settings
  • Click on that option enter your name
  • Enter your location
  • input phone no
  • Select your new country
  • After this, you also have to select your new address.
  • Then click on the update button
  • After this is complete, you will have to deregister your Fire TV device.
  • Register your account again
  • After some time your problem goes away

Force Stop Particular App

As you all know that you can control your Fire TV device with Amazon echo that easily controls various types of the device through voice but when you give any command to your echo then amazon video unavailable error code 5505, it is unable to open the content and states that your settings are wrong

There is no need to do much effort on your part to solve it because it is not so difficult, you can solve this problem by following the steps given below.

  • You have to click on your amazon fire stick menu
  • After which click on your settings
  • You click on your application settings
  • And click on manage install apps
  • After which you see the option of “Force Stop Particular App”
  • Now you are asked to delete
  • You have to delete app data
  • After this, you have to remove your device and wait for some time.

Deregister Your Device

If you want to deregister your fire stick due to the above-mentioned solution, then you should follow the steps given below

  • You have to go to your firestick settings
  • After this, you have to click on the account
  • You will see all the devices that are registered with your account.
  • Click on status
  • Now click on confirm settings, with the help of which you will be the de-registrar

Re-register Your Device

As we told you that after deregistering you have to re-register, then for that you have to complete the steps given below.

  • Login to your amazon account
  • And click on my account option
  • After which you see the settings
  • The option of the register will appear there
  • Click the country settings button
  • And follow all the instructions given on the screen step by step
  • And your amazon fire stick registers with your amazon account

In this way, you saw how easy it is to remove amazon fire tv stick error code 5505, for this, you do not need any technical information at all, just you have to take care of the specific settings of your country, due to which it is not completed.

We hope that you have liked these troubleshooting steps. If you still have problems then you will have to solve your problem by going to the settings of your Amazon account and clicking on the Contact Now button.

How Do I Fix Error Code 5505 on Firestick

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