You want to watch a wide range of TV series. Often you do this only on weekends, but whenever you open your device, there is a problem with firestick stuck on amazon logo.

This problem is because the loading screen does not respond properly, so you are worried. However, as often as your FireStick gets stuck on the loading screen. It shatters your dreams as many people have experienced Amazon firestick frozen problem recently.

This problem is becoming more prevalent; We will discuss some of the most important reasons for this; Once you have complete knowledge of the problem, you will be able to easily see the solution.

Why is my Firestick stuck on Amazon logo?

You notice an issue with your firestick stuck on fire tv logo, and as a result, your device is running slowly. This phenomenon occurs as a result of recent upgrades.
Let us know what are the main reasons for this and why you continue to have this difficulty.

As a result of a recent upgrade

The Fire Stick recently got a new update, which you just install, but then the real problems begin. This update can sometimes impair the compatibility of your device with certain applications.
After that whenever you try to use any third-party app or do anything else, the problem of firestick stuck on loading screen seems to be getting worse.

A problem with the electricity supply

Your device is experiencing power supply issues as a result of which you are unable to start it. In this case, the device has power quality difficulties as well as electrical noise.
Then the big difficulties with the Fire Stick come to the fore, and then regular power supply checks should be done to resolve them.

This issue might be caused by outdated settings

If your Fire Stick continues to function at the previous settings after the update, it will not respond properly to your TV or remote.
After that, the problem of remote pairing appears even if you do some wrong tinkering in your settings, and the problem seems to be getting worse; In such a situation, it gets stuck on the screen of Amazon.

Some files installed on your Fire Stick device may get ruined and this can lead to amazon firestick frozen on logo problem. There is a possibility that some files on your Fire Stick are not downloaded properly and this could also be the reason why you are facing this kind of problem.

Resolve Firestick Stuck on Amazon logo Issues

To fix the fire stick stuck on logo, you can try to fix the problem at home. The following are the ones that can solve your problem:

The process of resetting your Fire Stick is an extremely easy process and for this, you are just needed to follow some steps that are mentioned below. When you can do it perfectly, then you have become successful.

Quick Solutions:

  • Restart your Fire TV set-top box.
  • Use the power cord or adapter that came with the Fire TV device to connect it.
  • Wait 25 minutes until the screen changes
  • Use with and without an HDMI adapter or extender, if possible.
  • Make sure you are using an HDMI cable with a high data rate.
  • If that doesn’t work, try a different HDMI port.
  • If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, try plugging a Fire TV device directly into it.
  • Check to see if your TV is HDCP-compatible. The video-cable portion of the TV owner’s manual should be reviewed.
  • If possible, switch to another television.
FireStick frozen

Reset Your device

Restarting your device can resolve firestick stuck on loading screen, so you should follow steps:

Automatic Method

  • You should go to the “Settings” option on your Fire Stick.
  • You can also go to the “Devices” option on your Fire TV.
  • The next step involves coming down and searching for the option “Reset to factory defaults”. Once you have found it, click on that option.
  • Select the “Reset” option.

When you meet the above points, you have done your job. However, if you have failed to follow the methods properly, you can also try the manual method.

Manual Method

  • You have to press and hold the back button of the device until you find the option to reset your Fire TV
  • When you succeed, you will have to confirm reset option
  • Instead of a full reset, you can also try a partial reset
  • Take online help or expert help for a partial reset; Otherwise, you can try it yourself.

To be fair, all electronic and digital devices suffer from similar problems, and hanging or freezing are common issues as well. There are some troubleshooting methods you should look into when your device is facing the same issue.

Here, the very first thing you need to do is to identify the cause. You may find that your device is fine but the problem is with its remote which is not sending any signal. It is also making your device unresponsive.

Correctly restart your device

firestick stuck on fire tv logo issues easily resolved by restarting the device :

  • If your remote is not the cause of the problem, it would be wise to restart your device, as you already know that many problems can be easily fixed by restarting the device. Now, you can restart your Fire Stick before connecting it to the network.
  • You must disconnect the power cord of the device
  • You have to wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Now plug it in again.

When you want to restart your device via your remote, you must hold the “Select” button and press the “Play/Pause” button simultaneously for five seconds. Again, you can also go to “Settings > Device > Restart”. This will restart your device.

Examine the Power Supply

If you’re having issues with your Fire TV, make sure you’re using the power source that comes with it.
Because an adapter has its own power source, it may be tailored to the demands of each device. It’s possible that the amazon firestick stuck on the amazon logo because it doesn’t have enough power to start at all. If waiting for the screen to stop freezing doesn’t work, check the power source.

Examine the HDMI Port

  • If you’re using a first or second generation Fire TV, make sure you’re using an HDMI connection for High-Speed ​​Data Transfer 1.3 or higher.
  • You should only use the HMDI extension that comes with the Fire TV Stick device.
  • When using an HDMI hub, you should try to make a direct firistic device connection with the hub. Because a defective Fire TV Stick can cause interference and interference.
  • Even if the Fire TV Stick has been restarted, connecting it to other HDMI devices on your TV may cause it to turn off during boot-up.

Fix the problem of overheating

Overheating is a prevalent issue among Amazon Fire TV customers. A defective cooling material that has stopped operating is generally the source of overheating issues.
The Amazon Fire TV, by the way, is kept cool by a heat-absorbing cushion.

When there isn’t enough space on the Fire TV, it tends to overheat. The gadget may turn off intermittently due to overheating of the ports. Otherwise, firestick stuck on amazon logo problem may occur.
You must maintain proper ventilation in the system to avoid the problem of overheating. Place the gadget on a flat surface to prevent the firestick frozen problem from getting worse.

  • When not in use, let the TV rest for no more than 30 minutes.
  • Remove any devices that are no longer in use from the smart TV and turn it off.
    It will cool down adequately after some time.
    Then reconnect the Fire Stick to the TV.

firestick frozen problem is still not fixed then it has to be unfreezing whose process is here

Need to unfreezing firestick

Fire Stick is recognized as an unparalleled media streaming device that is present in the market. It is a modern-age device with lesser issues or complaints. However, the system may get disturbed due to any internal or external issues.

Amongst many problems, the most common one happens to be the freezing of your Fire Stick. When your amazon firestick frozen, then you must learn the method of unfreezing it and the methods are provided as under:

Restarting your device

  • If you’re having trouble with your fire stick freezing, here is a good place to start.
    Your device must be restarted.
    Wait around 30 seconds after unplugging everything.
    This is to check that your gadget has been switched off entirely.
    Before you restart your device again, make sure everything is plugged in.
  • If the issue isn’t caused by hardware, restart the device in this manner to fix it.
    In the future, this solution will be effective. In reality, no matter what sort of equipment you have, restarting is one of the most successful and frequent troubleshooting techniques.

Clear Cache is required

When your applications are going through a tough time launching or have been taking too much time for getting loaded, you can always attempt to clear the application cache. Commonly, this solves the firestick stuck on loading screen problems with the application on Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV.

For clearing cache, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • go to setting
  • Click on Application
  • Click “Manage All Applications”
  • Find troublesome apps
  • Click on Clear Cache and Data
  • reboot the app

Always use a different USB port

There may be an issue with the USB port also. The USB port which you have been using for the Amazon Fire Stick is not working well, it is advisable to switch over to a different USB port. Observe whether changing the USB port solves the problem or not.

Connect your television directly

If you have been using a soundbar and AV receiver together for Fire Stick problems like firestick frozen may occur. You should confirm that the receiver isn’t turned off and is connected to the ideal input system correctly. When it does not help, then you can attempt to connect your Fire Stick to your TV directly.

Check Screenshot of the Logo

It is often found that when a fire stick does not work, the users start pressing the remote buttons blatantly. You must wait for your Fire Stick to get loaded as at times, it takes up nearly ten minutes for your device to finish the entire process. Now, if you see that your Fire Stick refuses to launch when ten minutes have passed, then you must switch ports to start again.

Other Issues to Look into

If due for some reason, you can’t get your device working, then you are highly advised to contact Amazon customer service experts. The good thing is that these experts are very updated and friendly. They remain prepared to help customers in every possible way. They can assist to fix this problem and can also check the device thoroughly for complete satisfaction.

In the majority of situations, when you face the issue of amazon firestick frozen on logo, it might be connected to the server problem. It is highly common with Kodi as the sources of Kodi are maintained globally.

Hence, when you have the connection issues of Kodi, you should attempt some distinct servers. However, the problem of freezing all of a sudden or at the time of starting is a common one. In most cases, users get it fixed themselves or the system fixes it when restarted. In extreme cases, you have the option of calling an expert for a thorough check-up and fixing the issue.

Amazon Fire Stick Stuck On Amazon Logo Frozen (Fixed)

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