Does your fire stick keeps optimizing system storage? In today’s time, people are constantly complaining about this. Therefore today we will try to explain this process in full. With which you can fix this problem. A lot of people are struggling with this issue but they are not getting anything useful.

So fire stick keeps optimizing system storage and applications error message on your screen. What should you do then? We will adjust you to use the original power cord which is connected with an official adapter. After this, you can avoid the power strip and your error can be overcome.

Why does my fire stick keeps optimizing system storage and applications

Now we will tell you about various means of storage and application of fire stick keeps optimizing system. Before this, it is very important to know about the common reasons for this:

Due to power failure cord

Whenever you use a fire stick, it suddenly gets stuck on the optimizing screen and the firestick won’t turn on. After which you start to panic but why does this happen? The biggest reason for this is that you are not using the original power cord. Because of which your fire stick ignores the information and starts giving you this problem.

HDMI port is broken

When you use a bad HDMI port, then fire stick keeps optimizing problems come on your screen. The biggest reason for this is also the compatibility error. Then you should take a correct HDMI cable and attach it to your device. So that it can take input and output correctly otherwise your television project and receiver will always be found faulty

Denied power due to insufficient power

When you connect your FireStick device to HDMI then insufficient power comes on your screen. This behavior is not a normal condition and it simply means that your device is not receiving power properly.

When you use this process repeatedly, then your device is working, but the fire stick keeps optimizing system storage the screen becomes a big issue in front of you.

Original adapter cannot be determined

fire stick keeps optimizing

It is always wise to use your device with the original power doctor. But some people take a duplicate charger to save money, which causes inconvenience to their device. The same goes with a fire stick when you use a power adapter from another company.

loose electrical connection

If you have any type of connection error, then your HDMI cable and fire stick device cannot record properly. It displays a bad connection that causes your fire stick to get stuck on the optimizing screen.

Apps are malicious

Everyone knows that the unused application starts putting you in all kinds of problems. You can also get fire stick optimizing because of this.

If you are getting any unwanted application activity on your device, then you also get a firestick black screen on the screen. We will adjust you to please remove the application that you have not installed by yourself.

How to fix fire stick keeps optimizing system storage

Affix new USB cable

What are the resources to overcome the problem of fire stick keeps turning off tv? This is a bizarre case that is faced by every person in today’s time.

Anyone who has a fire stick is also struggling with this problem. We constantly install different types of third-party applications, due to which you get the problem of optimizing error of firestick.

If you are using an old micro USB cable on top of your device then you get the problem of fire stick because these old USB cables do not work properly with your device. All you have to do is replace it and connect it to a new micro USB cable.

Plugging In/Out may fix issues

Your fire stick screen is stuck on optimization, for which you are looking for the easiest and fastest way. By plugging in / out, you can overcome that problem forever, for this you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Remove your FireStick device from all HDMI ports and USB cables.
  • Now it’s time to turn off your Fire TV device
  • Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes after which attach whatever you had removed again.
  • The activation process starts on the screen which you complete step by step and your problem goes away.

Try to use working USB extension cables

You use a USB extension cable, in the event of its failure, you suffer from fire stick keeps optimizing system storage problems. To solve this, you can remove the extension cable from your power.

This extension cable provides power in large amounts that your first device cannot bear. This is a common reason due to which you are getting to see this problem again and again.

Order original adapter

We do not use the original adapter to run the Amazon firestick, due to which you get the problem of optimizing the fire stick keeps. You will have to change your old adapter and attach the original adapter.

Whenever you receive a fire stick, it is given to you with a 1 amp power adapter. You can also try attaching a power adapter of 2 amperes, after which the problem of my fire stick keeps turning off is resolved.

Check connection between Power Adapter and Power Outlet

Many users of the fire stick attach their power cable directly to the USB port, which is given on the back of your TV. Due to which you get an error at the constant level of your device and your device goes into the optimization process. You always have to keep in mind that all your USB power cord should be directly connected to the power outlet, which resolves these problems in minutes.

Keep away from Power Strip

The problem of fire stick keeps optimizing system storage and applications becomes more difficult when insufficient power is available to your device. When this power starts getting too much, then your device does not respond properly. Because of this, the problem of fire sticks overheating starts to arise. Due to overheating, your fire stick starts optimizing automatically. So that it falls on the optimized screen itself, then you should remove the power strip, due to which this problem can be overcome.

Alway try Smart Security scan

You can fix your device with a Smart Security scan to remove the Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Optimizing Problem. This is also very easy, just you are given below; just you have to follow the steps given below.

  • Go to your fire stick home screen
  • Click on your settings
  • Where general settings appear
  • Now you click on system manager
  • Where smart security option is available
  • After some time your device gets rid of the optimizing problem

Separate unused Devices 

You have connected many devices with your HDMI port. Because of which fire stick 4k keeps turning off comes somewhere on your screen.

According to the guidelines of Fire Stick, you are advised to add only two devices but when you attach more than two devices, and then they start interfering with your fire stick. The fire sticks are not able to get the signals properly.

Now you have to disconnect the device from your fire stick in all HD. After that, you will find that your device is working properly


When you control the fire stick from your TV remote then this project is called HDMI CEC. But it spoils the performance of your device somewhere, due to which you get the trouble to fire stick keeps optimizing system storage. We recommend that you disable HDMI CEC and start your device.

Renovate your Firestick

The firestick keeps turning off by itself trouble is haunting you again and again. For this better solution, you always keep your device up to date. Because Fire Stick keeps sending system updates from time to time so that you can get better performance.

If you do not know how to update, then we are telling you

  • Click the fire stick setting option
  • Here you get my fire tv option
  • Now click on the option after which you have to click on Check for System Update option.
  • Once done, the device automatically updates
  • Once you are up to date, you do not have the problem of optimizing fire stick keeps because it has already been optimized.

Reset device straight away

In this case, you can reset your device. You should reset only if any kind of solution is not satisfying you. Resetting starts working with a new type of fire stick. So that you avoid all kinds of problems

Endeavour a different Firestick

Think to yourself why does my fire stick keeps optimizing system storage and applications are sending you? What can be the reason for this? If you do not understand this then you can replace your firestick device.

Sometimes a malfunction occurs inside the fire stick itself, which cannot be overcome by you. You can order this device by going to and you can also replace your old device.

Replacement of your device is not a matter of everyone’s bus because it takes some money. Then you can adopt the option of fire stick reset after which your problem goes away.

Make an effort with Different TV

If you are using a TV that is already a fault somewhere else, then your fire stick will not work with it. Whenever you attach your device to the TV, then your fire stick keeps optimizing system storage appears on your screen.

To overcome this problem, you can watch another firestick by attaching it to that TV. If the error is coming then your TV is bad.

Pull out extra applications 

Sometimes we adjust a lot of applications at once. After this, your fire stick starts to take a very heavy load. His memory and performance begin to fall. After this, there is a problem of toshiba fire tv keeps turning off, for which you can remove the application one by one.

Some options to remove you are given below:

  • You have to go to your settings option
  • Where the application option is found
  • Below the application option, you have to search for the main install application option
  • After this, any application you do not want can be removed one by one.


You have found various types of top solutions through this article. After which your problem goes away. You can also connect with the firestick support phone number for more help. If you are suffering from any other concern or want to give a solution, then you can tell us through the comment section.

fire stick keeps the optimizing the system & turning off tv

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