In trendy time, most human beings are using the Amazon Fire Stick; this is due to its remarkable service. During my vacation, I was using fire stick but suddenly the amazon firestick no signal on tv came on my screen. Meanwhile, I switched off my system and started it again and this error went away, but after some time this trouble started out appearing again.

After some time, Amazon Fire Stick was not being started, and then I realized about some such solutions and reasons, with their help, this problem were easily overcome.

How to fix amazon firestick no signal

Various solutions are explained below to solve the problem of Amazon Fire Stick No Signal blue screen which is much easier to follow and implement.

The solutions that work in your mind are as follows:

Check Broken Amazon Fire TV Stick

Everyone knows that retaining things in a systematic way is not an easy task. If for some purpose your fire stick has fallen and broken. When you strive to connect it again, it shows you the Fire Stick 4k  No Signal & Black Screen. In such a situation, you can replace it. Due to breakdown, things inside it may get damaged which can’t operate properly functioning.

Ports or cable Not Set Correctly

HDMI cables and ports are the most necessary resources. With the help of which you easily pass information to another place, but any disturbance in these cables and ports can cause fire stick no signal hdmi.

  • You need to check that the HDMI cable is firmly connected to the ports
  • You can replace it with a new one because the HDMI cable is abnormal.
  • Whenever you start the Amazon Fire Stick, make sure that the HDMI cable is original.
  • You also have to specify that all the ports that are connected are functional.

After checking that, you will find that your fire stick is working in a good condition.

Fix screen resolution

Many humans wonder what the distinction will be in your device due to the screen resolution. They do not know that display disturbance can be the motive for your Samsung tv fire sticks no signal.

YouTube video

We propose you select high-resolution. You can also set it to auto and after which it is routinely arranged.

  • You can fix the screen resolution using the steps given below:
  • Press and hold the Up & Remind button with the help of your remote
  • Now you see the screen resolution
  • You can set it according to your own
  • Save all settings

We give you a little information about the resolutions here.

  • Standard definition 480p
  • High definition 720p
  • Full HD 1080p
  • Quad HD 1600p
  • 4k

Try rebooting device

When we reboot our TV then it goes into dark screen mode for some time. After which it also displays the screen on its own. Now your amazon fire stick no signal problem goes away. Don’t know the process of fire stick rubbing? Then you may have to take help of the steps given below:

  • Turn off your fire tv
  • Remove all types of hdmi ports
  • Now also remove your power source
  • Do wait for some time
  • After which restart tv
  • Reconnect all types of HDMI ports
  • Now verify your problem is resolved

Verify Network Settings

In the event of getting a firestick won’t turn on error, you will have to check the network settings only after that you can find out whether you are having this problem due to the network or not.

  • You can also use your computer for this if you want to check network settings.
  • You will have to go to Control Panel and click on Network & Internet Settings. Now click on Manage Network Connection.
  • After which you get a local area connection
  • Now click on the property from where you get the complete network settings.

You also check network settings with the help of direct fire stick which is as follows

  • Go to firestick home screen first
  • Where you see the system menu
  • Now you click the Play and Pause button
  • You have to do this process for 30 to 40 seconds, which will automatically set enough settings for you.

Use correct Internet connection

If the amazon firestick no signal on smart tv is not available even when the internet connection is not available, then you have to follow the internet connection troubleshooting steps.

  • First of all, you have to restart your device but it does not work every time. When you process this, then it definitely gives you a chance
  • Internet connection is down in your area even if you get fire stick no signal. You can easily find this information with firestick support.
  • Your internet will not work properly until you pay the bill. This usually happens because we do not take care of it in a hurry. You can easily make monthly payments by calling your isp, after this your forest no signal problem goes away.
  • Modem and router act as an internet connection. If there is any problem inside it, then you do not get an internet connection.
  • You can also check by moving your firestick device closer to the router.
  • You can connect an Internet cable adapter with a Firestick device that tells which area you are experiencing problems with.

How to fix amazon firestick no signal on HDMI

You all know how to remove the firestick no signal problem but it starts giving no signal with your HDMI also, to solve this you can see the options given below:

firestick no signal
  • Right now you face fire stick no signal HDMI problem then you always have to turn off your tv set
  • Now unplug the HDMI port from your TV set
  • Unplug power sources
  • Try reconnecting power sources after about 30 seconds
  • Turn on the TV set as soon as this process is complete
  • Your device completes some initial process that takes another 25 to 30 seconds.
  • You come your fire stick no signal Hdmi is gone

Things to remember

  • First of all, you need to check that the HDMI cable is properly connected to the ports
  • If it is broken then you have to replace it
  • You can add an optional HDMI port when there is no signal on fire stick problem.
  • Always use a certified HDMI cable.
  • You want to know that your HDMI is working properly, and then you can connect it with other devices and watch it.

Why is my Amazon Fire Stick saying no signal?

All the solutions of amazon firestick No Signal have been adjusted, but still, your problem is not going away. It becomes very quintessential to eliminate the motives for this, which is as follows:

HDMI may be issue

The HDMi problem is bound to occur whenever you connect the wrong input. In such a situation, a fire stick no signal error occurs. You need to change your HDMI cable, only then can you overcome this problem.

Hardware failure

Any kind of fault in your hardware breaks all the physical connections, due to which no signal on the fire stick trouble starts. At this stage you need to contact the Amazon technician, only then an answer can be extracted.

Drivers not set properly

The fire stick is equipped with different types of drivers; they should be updated from time to time. In the event of not updating, the signal error is proven in the device, which itself is regarded to be a tough situation. You have to install all the drivers correctly.

Fire tv HDCP error

Due to HDCP error, both your device and TV are unable to communicate properly. Because of which the fire stick no signal problem starts to increase. You need to remove HDCP with the help of a technical team.

  • To remove this problem, you have to unplug the HDMI cable. Now all power sources have to be turned off.
  • HDMi and Power Source to be restarted as before

Power Light showing red

If your power light is getting flaccid repeatedly or it turns off suddenly then you start having trouble in screening. This is the situation where you get the possibility of error, so you must take care of the power indicator.

How do you fix your Firestick when it says no signal?

You need to check all hdmi cables connected to the correct ports. Now, reboot your device then test internet connections properly. Your device fixes your issues automatically.

Why does my TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

You have to take care of things in which your device has proper power. Also check that both the TV and the device are connected to the correct HDMI.


How to remove firestick no signal? You have come to recognize this very well. All the above options are sufficient in themselves, due to which you are not going to get any kind of no signal error. However, you may encounter this hassle when there is a precise hardware-related problem. For this, you can overcome this problem by talking to the customer service of Amazon.

You can get this facility with the assist of Amazon Live Chat where different sorts of technical teams are usually ready to serve you. You just have to provide some of your preliminary records to them, after which they affirm the details.

In case of any trouble getting big, Amazon sends the technical team to your home or office. The technical team goes step by step for all kinds of troubles and eliminates the problem of firestick no signal. Amazon is usually ready to help its customer in every way; because of this it is considered a very famous company in itself.

Having Amazon Fire Stick No Signal: Follow to-do list

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