The Amazon Fire Stick Remote Volume Control is a very important part with the help of which we can perform various activities with our fire stick. We use our remote to change channels, volume up and down, or to change the settings, but whenever we are watching online video, suddenly your firestick remote volume not working and after some time start working. This is a very big problem which is very important to overcome.

The Fire TV Stick Alexa Remote is one of the most popular devices that we use in our homes and offices. Think you are using your service and what will happen if the fire tv remote volume buttons not working. To overcome this problem, you have to adopt some very effective methods but before that, we also know about some reasons, due to which the fire stick does not work by remote control.

This problem goes away by completing or correcting the steps given below, which are as follows:

  • Replace fire stick remote battery
  • Remove obstacles
  • Restart your fire stick
  • Use the HDMI-CEC Port on Your TV
  • Change device control settings
  • Use another remote
  • Turn off Dolby digital plus
  • Unpair Bluetooth device
  • Reset your fire stick remote
  • Reset your fire stick

Why Won’t my Firestick Remote Change The Volume?

Remote is damaged

In today’s time, a lot of people make a lot of mistakes, which they have to bear the brunt of. Similarly, when you do not keep your remote properly organized, then there may be problems with your remote.

The remote suddenly falls to the ground, in this condition it gets damaged as soon as it falls and when you use your remote it does not work with your TV. Under this condition, none of your functions will work and volume control will not work which is a big problem, then you can replace your remote for this, this is a great option.

Battery low

Most of the time, we watch various types of channels on our fire TV stick. Along with using them continuously, your remote is also constantly used, which runs on a battery. You are unable to pay attention due to which your battery starts getting low. After that you use the remote then the volume control button stops working or responds slowly. In this condition, you feel that your remote button is damaged but it is not. It may be that the battery is low, so you cannot put the battery in it and check again.

Dust on button

You need to check for dust on the buttons. Whenever you use the volume up on the fire tv remote volume control not working because a different type of dirt or dust starts to collect on it. That’s why we’ll accommodate you in order to place your remote inside the cover in an orderly manner. You can clean it with the cleaner and reuse the remote easily.

Some settings blocked

In today’s time, not many people walk with technology, because of this they have to face many problems. So you always have to be up to date because in today’s time different types of settings have come for your remote. If your fire stick remote volume not working then maybe you have some setting block due to which that button is not responding. So you will have to check this setting properly otherwise you can reset your fire tv stick remote so that it goes into default mode and all the errors will be fixed automatically.

Audio is muted

Volume control not working on firestick then correct your audio. If the volume control button is muted then you will not get any sound so you have to make sure that it is working properly. You can also press and unmute it which is a great solution.

Steps to Fix Fire TV Remote Volume Control Not Working

Enable Settings in Your Remote

Let us also talk about some possibilities, with the help of which your fire tv remote volume not working problem gets resolved in no time.

For the volume control to work properly, you will have to enable some type of settings in your remote, only after which your problem can be overcome.

  • Switch on your tv
  • Go to your settings using the menu
  • Now you have to find the equipment control option which is found below the setting
  • Click on Manage Equipment
  • After finding the option you need to add it
  • You click on the add button
  • It automatically detects your device after which to select TV
  • Select your TV type as well
  • Now a message appears on your screen where press the power button to turn off your TV mentions
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • After this, you have to turn your TV on again.
  • As soon as the process is complete, your fire tv remote volume control not working goes away automatically because it is also a temporary problem.

Now you are redirected to your music screen after which you have to know whether your volume is working or not.

So you have to press the volume up and down button and increase or decrease your volume level, after that, you make sure that your firestick remote volume not working problem is gone.

Alternative Method

Some people prefer to get a new remote for their device and they are also very cheap but you can overcome this problem automatically with the help of some steps:

Fire Tv Remote Volume Control Not Working

Open Your Remote Control

Your remote is made up of parts in 3

  1. Plastic covers
  2. Circuit board
  3. Uni-body rubber buttons


  • Then you have to open your remote
  • For which you will need a screwdriver
  • With the help of the screwdriver, you can unscrew the halves of the remote
  • But you have to take care that no plastic parts are damaged.

Clean the Circuit Board & Buttons

  • Now it’s time to clean the circuit board and the rubber button
  • For which you need cotton balls
  • You have to take care not to use water at all as it can damage your remote very much.
  • After this process is complete, you will have to check your volume control button and see if it is working.

Fix the Broken Buttons

Now it is time to wash the nonworking model for which you need aluminum foil, caesar, and fixer.

  • Now for the bad button, you have to add a joint with aluminum foil and a fixer.
  • Screw your remote with the help of a screwdriver, after that make sure that your remote is working properly.

Reset Your Different Fire TV Remote

  • You have to press and hold the Home button and at the same time press the Menu button three times.
  • After that release the Home button.
  • Here press the Menu button 9 times.
  • Remove the battery from remote after menu button sound.
  • Here you need to unplug your Fire TV and wait 60 seconds.
  • Put the batteries back in your remote, and then plug in your Fire TV.
  • After this process, the home screen will appear
  • Press and hold the Home button again for 40 seconds.
  • Wait 60 seconds for the setup to complete and you should see that this type of problem is gone.

Change the remote batteries

  • Place one thumb on the arrow under the battery cover and turn the remote over.
  • Place your other thumb on the top edge of the remote just above the battery cover.
  • Tighten your grip on the top of the remote. Using the thumb on the bottom of the battery cover, apply pressure to the bottom of the battery cover.
  • Roll the cover off the remote battery casing by sliding the door halfway down.
  • Replace alkaline batteries and close the cover by sliding it up until a clicking sound is heard.


With the help of the above options, you have to know how you can overcome your amazon fire stick remote volume not working problem but you have to make sure that the steps you are taking are as per the suggestions given otherwise you will have to repeat May have to see the problem.

For more information, you can solve all your problems by talking on the Amazon Fire TV Stick Support Number. It is a very good medium.

Whenever you go to talk, you have to give some of your details to the technical team, after verification your issues are resolved.

How To Fix Firestick Remote Volume Not Working Problems

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