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Amazon Fire Cube or Fire TV Cube is another amazing and modern-age technology-driven invention of Amazon. It is a perfect combination of Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and TV control center for external sound systems and other gadgets that streams your TV’s video and audio. In the previous versions of fire TV, you need to set up Alexa as a separate unit and control it through a remote system but in Fire Cube, you get built-in Alexa. This device enables Alexa to control your TV and cable connection and with 4K HDR it offers excellent video streaming experience. When you face any issues then call on amazon fire stick cube customer support phone number for help.

How to buy Amazon Fire cube?

You canbuy this device directly from the Amazon app on your smartphone or Amazonwebsite. You can pay in advance after ordering the product or select cash ondelivery.

How to set-up Fire Cube?

Settingup your Fire Cube and start using it is a matter of a few minutes. Here iseverything to get Fire Cube up and running:

  1. In the back of the device youcould find all the necessary ports. Plugin HDMI and power cable in properports.
  2. Take the remote and press “FastForward”.
  3. The TV screen now shows severalaccessible Wi-Fi networks, choose your network and enter your password as thescreen directs, then click on connect.
  4. Now, you have to create anaccount, if you have an Amazon account, sign in directly with that account IDand password. Then click on “Continue”.
  5. Now, you will be asked to saveyour Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account. Select either “Yes” or “No”. If youselect “No”, then you have to enter the password every time you will use FireCube after shutting down the system.
  6. Now, you get a screen of parentalcontrol, you can opt-in or opt-out of it as you think feasible.
  7. Now, you are directed to a screenfor different useful Amazon app. You can select and download; otherwise, clickon “No Thanks”.
  8. The screen now shows all popularservices you can download and use, select those you want and then select theright arrow as visible on the screen, it will direct to different TV channelapps that you can use any time later. Click the right arrow again.

Amazon Fire TV Cube Customer Service

  • Then, the screen shows severalother channels including sports channels and popular entertainment channels.Click on “Finish” to continue further.
  • The screen now shows “EnableAlexa to control your devices”, click on “Continue”.
  •  Now, several options appear on the screen,select the option that rightly adjusts with your entire system, like select “Ijust own a TV”, if you are not using any other external devices. You can alwayschange this set up later in case you add a new system.
  •  The screen now shows “we’ll now turn your TVoff and on”, click on “Next”.
  •  As your TV turns off, click “Fast Forward” onyour remote control device.
  •  The screen now shows “We’re back! Fire TV Cubecan now power your TV on and off”, click on the “Next” option.
  •  The screen now shows “Your Fire TV Cube is setup”, it will now give a quick tour to different features. Click on “Continue”.
  • The screen now shows Amazon Primeon the screen, you can either sign up or abort clicking “No Thanks”.

Itcompletes your Fire Cube set up and you are now free to use Amazon Fire TV Cubewith voice control through Alexa. Call now for amazon fire tv cube customer support phone number .

Amazon Fire Cube Troubleshooting

Being an electronic device with so many features includes, especially in-built Alexa, you may face different technical problems with Fire Cube any time. In most of the cases, with little knowledge and intelligence, you can solve the issues immediately. Here are the most common problems and how to solve those problems:

No soundfrom Fire TV Cube? Here are different solutions

If youface no sound or volume completely muted issue, then there are some easy andauthentic solutions:

  1. Ensure that Fire Cube’s volume isnot muted. If it is so, adjust it with the help of the remote control or ask Alexa.
  2. No sound problem may be due to a faultyA/V receiver connection. If you are using an A/V receiver, ensure that the FireTV is connected accurately and the receiver is on. You can disconnect thereceiver once and again reconnect.
  3. The no sound issue can be due tofaulty menu setting. Review the settings once in the following way:
  4. Select“Settings” from Menu option
  5. There youcould find “Display & Sounds”
  6. Then lookfor “Audio” option and select
  7. Adjustthe audio as necessary and ensure that “Dolby Digital Plus” is off
  • The problem may be due to a faultyHDMI cord connection. Disconnect the cord and reconnect it again. Inspectwhether there is any cut or crack in the cord. If the cord is not in goodshape, try a new one otherwise call on amazoncube customer support phone number for support .

If noneof these above solutions for muted volume or no sound problem works for yourFire Cube, you may need to change the Fire TV Cube speaker. You can alsocontact the customer service for expert support.

FireCube no signal troubleshooting

If thedevice has not been getting any signal or suddenly frozen, there is anyconnectivity or hardware problem. Try the following steps to solve the issue:

  1. Check the adapter and HDMI cord,the problem may be due to faulty power adopter or HDMI cord. Switch off thesystem, unplug the power cord, and plugin again. If the adapter is properly pluggedin and power indicator of the TV set is not on, the problem is in the adapter.Change the power cord or try a different HDMI cord.
  2. The problem may be due to a problematicstart and uploading software during start. In that case simply restarting thesystem may solve the no signal problem.
  3. The problem may be due toincorrect resolution. In that case, use the “Up” and “Rewind” buttons of yourFire TV remote at the same time for about 5 seconds. The TV screen then showsdifferent resolution options. Select the correct resolution. This may solve theproblem. For restarting, push “Play” and “Pause” button simultaneously for fiveseconds or go to “Settings”, then select “My Fire TV” followed by “Restart”option. It can solve your problem.
  4. If the Wi-Fi you are using is notworking well, i.e. there is network connectivity problem the system does notget any signal. You have to either wait for the better signal or change yourWi-Fi service provider.
  5. The problem of no signal may bedue to the HDCP issue. This problem occurs when you are using incompatible oldTV set. This is a problem simply hinders Video and audio output on your TV set.You have to change the TV set.

Multi-roomor more than one sound system out of sync

If thisproblem occurs when you do not get sound on one or more external sound systemwhile your Fire Cube operates the TV. This means the external sound systems arenot synced with the Fire Cube. At first check the HDMI connections between thedevices. If there is no problem in HDMI connection, then you have to adjust theFire TV Cube audio settings through the following steps:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on yourFire TV remote control
  2. Start moving the slider asvisible on the screen until the music plays on all external and internalsystems in sync.

Controlbuttons on Fire Cube are not working

Thisproblem may occur due to different reasons. Below are the most commonsolutions:

  1. Simply restart the Fire Cubeaccessing the “settings” options followed by “My Fire TV”, and “Restart”.Alternatively, disconnect the power cord and plugin again. Then, switch on thepower.
  2. Problems in HDMI cable may be areason behind this issue. In an ideal condition, one end of the cable should beattached with the HDMI port on the back of the Fire Cube and the other endshould be attached with the TV set. In both ends, there are dedicated HDMIport. Unplug the system once and then plugin again. If the problem is due tolose connection, this solves the problem. If you are using an HDMI hub, unplugthe cable and attached it with the TV set directly. If nothing works, buy a newhigh-speed HDMI cable.
  3. Ensure that you are using the rightpower cord and adapter as per the specification of Amazon. Every unit of FireCube comes with power cord and adapter. Use those ones only and when you needreplacement buy only compatible power cord and adapter. Also ensure that thepower cord is plugged in the right port on the back of the Fire Cube.
  4. 4. If any button is unresponsiveor broken, contact the customer care for replacement of those buttons and youcan change settings with amazon fire customer service phone number.

The remotecontrol is not connecting with the FireCube

Sometimesyou may have a problem in connecting remote control to the Fire TV Cube. Inthat case, problems may be multiple. Some solutions are given hereunder:

  1. Ensure that the batteries in theremote control are in good condition. If these are too old, replace them.
  2. The remote control needs to bewithin the range. Make sure that the remote is 10 feet away from the Fire Cubewhen you are trying to control the device with the remote. Don’t keep the FireTV in a closed space like in a metal cabinet box. You also need to place theFire Cube away from the TV to nullify any kinds of interference.
  3. You may need to pair the remotecontrol system with the Fire Cube. Follow the following steps:
  4. Press the“Home” button for about 10-15 seconds and then wait for 60 seconds. It maysolve your problem.
  5. If thatdoes not make any change, power off the power TV cube and reset the remote bypressing “Home”, “Back”, and the navigation ring all together for about 25seconds and then release. This may solve your problem.
  6. Now,remove the batteries from the remote and switch on the power supply source ofthe Fire Cube. It turns on the home screen.
  7. Now, putthe batteries back to the remote and wait for some time.
  8. If theremote still remains disconnected press the “Home” button for about 15 secondsand release.
  9. Ensure that other remote controldevices are not interfering with this remote. If there are more than 7 remotesand Bluetooth devices turned on, try to turn off all Bluetooth connections andkeep away other remotes that are not required now. This reduces or clearsunwanted interferences with the Fire Tv Cube remote control.

Alexa isnot working as per the instruction

Sometimes, your voice commands may be disarrayed. In those cases, Alexadoes not respond to your voice commands appropriately. Here are some importantsteps to overcome this problem:

  1. The Fire Cube needs to be at least12 inches away from the speakers. Keep other Alexa devices, if any, away fromthis system. Ensure background noise is not much disturbing. If you cannot keepother Alexa enabled devices away from the Fire Cube, change the settings in thefollowing:
  2. Go to“Settings”
  3. Select“Alexa”
  4. Select“Turn favor this device” option on
  • You may need to reset the voicecommand of the system. Follow the steps below:
  • Press the“action” button on the Fire Cube or press the “Voice” button on the remotecontrol device.
  • See if theFire Cube lights up and a response comes from Alexa.
  • If Alexadoes not respond, clearly say “Alexa, I cannot hear you.”
  • You get aresponse from the Fire Cube, if not, you need to contact customer care.

How to get Amazon Fire Cube Customer Service?

You can get all necessary support online through the amazon fire stick cube tech support contact phone number web link. As you get in there, lots of options are shown. You have to select the correct one related to your problem; the system guides the users step by step and also provides necessary support through Amazon Fire TV Cube help videos.

There are other two options as well:

  1. Contact with customer service through Alexa sf
  2. aying “Alexa, fire stick contact customer service”.
  3. Contact customer service directly over the telephone or through direct chatting in real-time.
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