Today we will discuss a topic in front of you due to which many people are getting upset in today’s era. This is a common problem with your Firestick. No one cares why this is happening. We are discussing an issue of firestick not working on tv.

When we try to do different types of activities with our smartphones on weekends, we run into problems for a number of reasons which are important to understand. If you understand these factors, then the problem of fire stick not working will not be that serious anymore.

The Fire Stick is one of the best streaming gadgets available today, and it solves people’s entire internet streaming issues. They will be able to watch their favorite TV shows, programs, and other media. If your Fire Stick stops working, we’ll offer you full instructions on how to fix it. Let’s see what we can do.

What Does Firestick Not Working on TV Means

You must understand exactly what amazon firestick not working after the update is. For example, when we connect a variety of applications to our device and start viewing them. So, all of a sudden, you encounter problems with your FireStick, such as overheating, freezing, or black screen errors, due to which it stops responding.

Why Is My Amazon Fire Stick Not Working?

First of all, let’s talk about why your fire stick not working after a factory reset? What could be the secrets behind this that will help us to understand better what can be the solution?

No updates have been installed

Amazon Fire Stick is based on a form of software that has its own built-in intelligence. From time to time, your smartphone will install and download various updates. As a result of this, your device functions normally, and you should not face any problems.

firestick not working on tv

If we don’t apply these software updates, our Fire Stick gadget will display an error somewhere. This causes concerns with compatibility when you try to use it with complex apps, third-party programs, or other types of new HDMI devices. As a result, Fire Stick stops working in hotels, which is an issue in itself.

HDMI input is incorrect

That our gadget is operational, but the HDMI input ports are incorrectly configured. It’s possible that your fire stick won’t work at all.

It is our recommendation that anytime you encounter such an issue with your equipment, you keep track of the input ports. This problem can be caused by a variety of hardware faults as well as cables.

Faulty electric outlet

All devices require electricity, which is supplied by the power socket. When these power sockets are broken or damaged in some way, they produce symptoms that alert you to the fact that there is a problem with your power socket.

You can do so by replacing it and installing a new one. If you don’t, your firestick will stop operating someplace.

Problems with the internet

Firestick not being able to connect to the internet makes it very difficult because of this amazon firestick not working after unplugging. You can get this problem due to your router or network hardware can be responsible for it.

For this, you should surely contact your internet service provider, who will be able to resolve the issue. As previously said, this issue is caused by a local network internet connectivity mistake; you will see that if the internet does not correctly reach the signal strength of your device, it will not reply at all.

Issues with the setup

You have recently bought a new Fire Stick device which is supplied with a variety of things. It is very important for you to set up it. If all this is not done properly then Firestick stops working and also starts showing different types of errors in front of you.

It is our recommendation that anytime you perform such a setup, you read the instructions attentively. Otherwise, you must listen carefully to the information provided by fire stick customer service, or you will continue to encounter this issue.

Remote difficulties with the Fire Stick

Everyone knows that to run the first one needs a remote which runs on a battery. Whenever there is any fault in this battery then you are unable to operate the device properly Firestick remote starts showing pairing issues with your device.

You might not realize it, but our microwave ovens, wireless speakers, wireless phones, and other violent devices all contribute to the problem, causing the remote to interfere and go out of range. After that, connecting the firestick remote key with the device is impossible, and the device stops working, resulting in the firestick not working at the hotel issue.

Audio troubles with the Fire TV

Whenever you use fire stick, and then always turn off Dolby Digital outputs because if you do not do this then it starts showing various types of problems after that your firestick not working.

Due to the problem in sound, the software of Firestick detects this problem and starts no sound error in front of you. Due to this problem, Fire Stick does not work properly.

Issues with the black screen

All of a sudden your firestick has stopped working then it may be that the problem of the black screen has arisen in it. You may get to see this display because the adapter drivers are not updated.

When Firestick is used more, it starts overheating. So you have to put him off for some time. Otherwise firestick remote not working but volume works and you will definitely arise with the problem of overheating.

Frozen or inaccessible

Fire Stick comes with a certain amount of storage capacity, however, when that capacity is depleted, the problem of Fire Stick frozen develops. After that, the fire stick will gradually stop operating, thus it is critical that you pay attention to all of these details.

The issue is app-specific

Now let us talk about the reasons that can give the most trouble for this problem, after that comes the Firestick Not Working problem. Usually, we install some third-party application without thinking which is not compatible with your first one, and in a way, it creates communication error.

Troubleshooting Firestick Not Working Problems

Above you have learned why Fire Stick does not work? What is the reason for this? Now it’s time to find the best solutions that always work.

The problem of firestick not working goes away but you have to apply the solutions given below properly.

firestick not working

Use the right techniques for setup

You ordered a new FireStick and it has already arrived. In such a situation, it is very important to set up it properly. Because even when you are not able to complete the setup process, you still face the problem of firestick not working on tv.

To avoid this, you can get information about this through a manual guide or customer support.

Otherwise, you also complete this process with the information given below

  • Connect and power the Fire Stick with the TV’s HDMI port
  • After this the battery has to be inserted in the remote.
  • check hdmi input
  • Pair Your Remote with firestick
  • Some instructions appear on your screen which you complete with WiFi connectivity
  • Now it’s time to sign in to your Amazon account for setup
  • As soon as this process is completed, you are again faced with on-screen questions, which you keep on completing.
  • Your this setup process is completed after which if fire stick was not working then it starts working

Verify or Correct Wi-Fi Internet Access

Amazon Fire TV Stick is based on a kind of WiFi connection, which captures the signals and presents you a great streaming content in front of you.

Somewhere when this WiFi connection is not available to the Fire Stick, then this device stops working and you start getting errors.

For this, you can check the wifi connection or if your wifi connection is fine and still not working with the fire stick then you can check your firestick settings.

  • First of all, restart your Fire TV device.
  • After which you have to go to its settings and check the network status.
  • If we are not connected to the network then the option of WiFi connection comes in front of you.
  • If you have entered your WiFi details in Fire Stick then it is ready to use.
  • Otherwise, restart your modem/router or place it near your device.
  • You will see that with the help of these easy steps, all your problems are resolved and your firestick starts working as it is able to get proper connectivity.

Start the Fire Stick again

By restarting fire tv, it removes many problems. If there is a problem with amazon firestick not working after the update, then with the help of this process, it starts responding properly.

  • You have to go to the home screen of your Fire Stick
  • From here you go to the menu option and click on Settings
  • After which you have to click on MY FIRE TV option
  • As soon as you scroll down from here, the option of restart appears in front of you, click on it.
  • Now your Fire TV Stick goes into the restart process

So you see how easy it was which is completed in minutes and your firetsick starts working.

Install all updates that are available

Not upgrading your firestick on a regular basis can be a significant error, as it can cause your firestick to stop operating and cause a slew of other issues.

To avoid this, it is critical to upgrade your device to the most recent version, after which you will notice that you are no longer experiencing this issue.

Let’s know its steps

  • You have to turn on your Fire Stick by attaching it to your television and power source.
  • You see that your Fire Stick is now connected
  • With the help of a remote, you reach home
  • From here click on Settings option
  • Under the setting option, you see the MY FIRE TV option
  • Here you have to go to the about section
  • By clicking on Simple Install Update, you also download and install all these updates.

Remove any programmes that you don’t want

We install many types of third-party software on our fire stick in the absence of knowledge, which results in the amazon firestick not working problem, which is pretty typical.

You should always install only those applications that Firestick recommends. If you are also using a third-party application and due to which this problem is happening, then you can install or remove it.

For this, you can adopt the following states

  • you have to go to settings
  • Click on Application option
  • Click on Manage Install Application
  • From here you find that application
  • Click on it and press the uninstall button
  • In this way this third party application gets uninstalled from your device.

Examine your remote control

Fire stick is fully compatible with your remote but due to any reason if any kind of fault occurs in remote then still firestick stops working.

This feature can be seen due to remote pairing issues or damaged batteries. For this, you can replace your remote with the technical team, which is done in a few days.

Keep in mind that with the Amazon Fire Stick, you must always use the compatible or original remote. If this is not the case, you will be inconvenienced because certain local remotes lack several capabilities. As a result, a thin layer of air forms between the remote and the television.

Make sure your HDMI connection is working

HDMI is a high-definition multimedia interface that allows you to receive and transmit video and audio signals in high-definition. It connects to your cable box, television, or Firestick.

If you do not properly maintain it, it will eventually crack or break someplace, preventing the audio-video signal from reaching your firestick.

You see that the firestick not working problem has occurred. In such a situation, you can manually check and replace it, which is the best way to overcome this inconvenience.

 Whenever you go to attach the HDMI cables to your firestick, make sure that you have given the correct input to the correct input.

Clear the FireTV Stick’s Cache

Your Fire TV Stick keeps on creating temporary files in a way, through which the memory space inside the Firestick starts getting full.

You see that Firestick stops working because this feature interferes with its loading. So you always have to clear these files.

This cache is a big problem for Fire Stick. You have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all go to Settings from your home screen
  • From here click on Manage and Install Application
  • Now select all the applications from which you want to delete cache
  • By clicking on simply clear cache option

You delete the temporary files and see that your firestick is working faster than before and there is no problem with it

Issues with device compatibility should be investigated

You can see a variety of problems as a result of compatibility. All of the instruments, connectors, splitters, and HDMI cables used in the Fire Stick must be connected in accordance with the compatibility.

If any of these things are found to be wrong then there is a problem with my firestick isn’t working anymore and it does not even respond. In such a situation, read the manual or user guide and attach everything step by step, otherwise, you will fall into trouble.

VPNs should be avoided

Virtual private networks (VPNs) protect your online privacy by creating a private network that is hidden from public internet connections. This is what we use to run our fire stick, and it’s difficult to explain in a typical way. However, these VPN cause firestick to stop working for some reason. Because fire tv wants to make sure that anything you’re doing is safe.


The Amazon Fire TV Stick is fairly reliable, and when it breaks down, it’s typically rather simple to repair. The most likely cause is a power or connection issue, and you shouldn’t bother about restarting apps or going too far into the settings until you’ve checked those.

How Do I Fix Firestick Not Working After Update

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