Amazon fire stick is 1 of the biggest streaming things out there which is accessible at a large cheap value. You can view your preferred videos, TV programs, and much more. It is an excellent means to examine movies and files. But, at various times you may require Amazon firestick reset support service.

To reset your Amazon Fire TV Stick, press the Home button on your remote followed by Settings. Then choose My Fire TV, scroll down, and click on the Reset to factory defaults option. When the pop-up message appears, click on Reset.

Why Did My Firestick Reset Itself to Factory Settings

If you have to force restart your Amazon Firestick, it could be due to several factors.

  • The use of a rejected cable.
  • A broken micro USB cord.
  • A cable fault.
  • Power outage or a hardware problem.
  • If Amazon Firestick is frozen then this problem will come.
  • You need to check if the device is stuck on the main screen
  • having black screen issues.
  • You Are Going Through Streaming Concerns With Amazon Fire Stick No Signal.

How to Reset Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

How to Reset FireTV

Initially, let’s accept one point out of the system. Even though we began this tutorial with a gag regarding investing your Fire TV a sudden kick in the reset button, we can’t recommend that way of business. Do we assume this because it would be great over hard to land a well-placed kick into a little and recessed reset keyhole?  There are simply diverse methods to reset it:.

Go to TV Settings Area

For that, observe these measures:

  • You should power on the TV and correlate your Fire TV Stick to it.
  • Check for fire tv support is up and moving, practice the navigation keys on your remote to operate to frames at the head and select it.
  • Repeatedly practising the navigation snaps, scroll to the right and choose fire tv stick.
  • Now you need to decide reset to factory defaults.
  • A discussion box will perform requesting you to reinforce your determination of resetting the Stick then always select reset.
  • The arrangement will then begin the reset method, and that will demand around 10 moments. 

Use You Remote Buttons

Due to frozen or black screen issues, the device may not work perfectly. In so conditions, you can practice your stick’s remote to reset it. Touch and press the right and end pins of your remote at the corresponding time for at smallest 10 seconds or higher. This will start the reset method.

Try For Various Remote For It

If your roommate or a group member has an equal stick as yours, you can obtain their remote and match it with your firestick. Already matched, use it to operate and amazon fire stick reset itself.

Factory Reset Firestick Without Remote Area

If you have forgotten your remote, you can utilize these programs.

Reset Firestick Without Remote

Using the Fire TV App

Amazon has apps for both android and IOS devices that granted you command the Fire TV Stick’s navigation on your TV. All you require to do is download the application on android either iPhone and compare to the identical Wi-Fi interface as of fir TV and it will give up in the application. 

Note: A four-digit cryptogram will resemble on the TV screen. Access that into the app and before using the app to command the Stick’s navigation. Next, go to Frames > Arrangement > Reset as you did in the first method.

  • Download application from the corresponding app store and placed them on the corresponding system.
  • Decide the style of your fire tv stick in the app to begin an association and a four-digit code surfaces on your TV.
  • Access that key when the app charges you to commence entering the TV.
  • Proceed to the frames part and discover the fire stick icon.
  • When a symbol is decided, a menu looks. Here, decide the factory reset firestick without pin.
  • Decide the reset decision on the verification screen and the device springs resetting.

All the frames set beginning will now increase to failure and you require configuring them repeatedly.

Try to Reset Your Device Without Pin

reset fire stick pin
  • Estimate practising the factory reset mode only when no other clarification works. Resetting your method will suffer some serious data. Before you reset the device, take note of the login credentials.
  • You should turn on fire stick tv and navigate to Frames.
  • Managing the firestick remote, decide my fire stick option.
  • Following my fire tv list, scroll the security down to position reset to factory defaults.
  • It assists you to insert the pin if you forgot firestick pin then arrange it.
  • You have not configured the reset firestick pin; it will represent verification prompt.
  • Choose reset and the machine will restore to the innovative settings.
  • If you do not learn the pin, clasp the right navigation and the record keys together or contact Amazon.

Try To Use Fire Stick Remote For Resetting

  • Before you reset the remote, switch the batteries from it and re-insert it. If the failure commands, reset the remote.
  • Catch the Amazon fire stick remote and remove the rear cover.
  • Lift the batteries from the battery chamber.
  • Ready for 15 times and reinsert it into the individual openings.
  • Now, switch on the TV and hear to practice the remote.
  • If you find problems while utilizing the remote, you can reset it.
  • Locate the remote closer to the TV and long-press the preferred key.
  • You will observe the Excellent switch at the core of the remote circled by the navigator switches.
  • If you touch it, the Pair method will be permitted.
  • Momentarily, press and keep the Preferred and Jump buttons concurrently for five moments.
  • That will restart the TV.

Use Partial Reset Option

Remarkable fire stick users may not require wiping their complete equipment. As such, there are several entrances to save the Fire Stick’s vision without a complete reset.

The most manageable method includes going to the Fire Stick’s settings repeatedly:

  • Elite Settings.
  • Preferred Applications.
  • Decide Manage Installed Applications.
  • Like any app, you’d like to switch from your device, pick it, and then pick Uninstall. Select File Explorer, and then select reset firestick pin.

Pairing Issue After Reset

If your fire TV sticks remote neglects to act, you may suggest like everything has broken down. Accept no pressure, as understanding is the several techniques to arrange your fire TV stick remote terminal to life.

Try to Restart Device

The primary step is to only unplug the device, next plug it after to the principal. You can order many everyday dilemmas. The next idea is to practice your fire stick remote to restart. Thrust concurrently the excellent and play keys for 10 moments. Restart the project by choosing from the list option.

Change Battery

Try to replace the batteries for any remote purposes only on brand fresh batteries. Next, join the batteries back into its community. Seldom, the dirt joins in the part preventing the action. Pick the element connectors with a web or clean cloth for working fire stick reset.

Use Reset Mode

Turn off the TV, before pressing the list key 5 times, the rear key once, and from the navigation link. Apply the fire TV stick after publishing the keys. Then join the remote on the pairing screen for 60 moments.

Find Extra Remotes

The current option is working extra remote. Since the fire TV remote obligations on every fire stick, you can likewise assume to verify whether it is correctly matched.

Pro Tips For Secure Your Fire Stick

Amazon newly pushed escape an update to their Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV which introduces any privacy frameworks that you should be conscious of. If you go into preferences, you will examine two states that you should investigate. The first is titled “privacy Settings” and the opposite is titled “data monitoring”.

Review for the Fire Stick Update

You would require verifying if your device is up to date with the freshest firmware variant. Here is how you prepare that:

  • Need to click Settings
  • Crack device 
  • Agree about

Preferred Note For System Update

If the latest update is possible, go onward and connect it. Yes, do that also if it adds the latest privacy settings.

  • Check Amazon from Hunting on You
  • Instantly deactivate the privacy settings and block Amazon from accumulating any way data:
  • Public settings from the home screen
  • Tick favourites
  • Match privacy settings
  • Turn off device usage data and collect app usage data
  • Now match the end button your tv stick remote just one to go after to the former screen
  • Click data monitoring and turn it off

If you’re seeking to install unproven apps into your Fire TV from the Amazon App Store, you can alone end it by side charging or installing anything into your project without practicing the correct app sharing method.

FAQ’s For Fire Stick Help

How do I factory reset my fire stick?

You need to click on the home section then find setting> system setting> click on factory reset.

How do I reset my Firestick without the remote?

Call firestick customer service phone number for more help.

Why does my Firestick Remote not work?

You need to check your initial settings and router settings for working remotely fine.


You need to implement primary settings for making it work differently connect on fire stick technical team which are accessible 24/7 for your support and help. You need to present some basic account confirmation and agents will recommend this and determine problems within a day.