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amazon fire stick black screen

If one day, you find out that your Amazon Firestick is not working properly and is giving rise to some problems, then you have to go through the common issues plus solutions for getting your Firestick back in order. Some common problems that you might run into for your Amazon Firestick won’t turn on include crashing, app errors, a frozen or a blank home screen, or visual or audio problems. For fixing these kinds of issues besides many others, you can simply restart your device.

When you restart your device, then it acts in the form of a cure-all to numerous common issues. To restart your device, you need to unplug the power cord right from the Firestick’s back only to plug it back again.

Another effectual method that you can use forrestarting your device is through the use of the remote of your Firestick.Here, you have to hold the “Select” plus “Play or Pause” buttonssimultaneously. Yet another method of restarting your Firestick is through theselection of the “Settings” option which is provided in the menu of your AmazonFirestick. You have to select “Device” before you hit “Restart”.

There might beissues with your WiFi connection When Firestick won’t turn on

If your Firesticknot turning on or if your Firestick isn’t getting connected to the net,then one of the reasons could be a poor power outage, bad connection, an errorin the password, or the set-up of your device. Again, the problem can be withyour router or the modem too. When you feel that the problem is a minorpassword error and nothing serious, then remembering your WiFi password wouldbe enough to solve this problem.

When the problem isn’t with the password and you believe that the problem is with the set-up of the Firestick, then you have to make sure that there isn’t any physical obstacle in the signal of your WiFi and your Firestick is freed from any kind of interference. So when your Firestick Won’t Connect to Wifi then always call your ISP.

Some Basic Things For Firestick won’t turn on problems

Now, if the problem lies with your router ormodem, there are some authentic solutions to fix the issue. On thosesituations, you are should follow the steps mentioned here to make the Firestickworking again:

  • Compatibility issometimes a problem. You must ensure that your router and modem happen to becompatible with your Firestick and do meet the particular criteria.
  • The problem may occurdue to wrongful router specification. Your router or modem ought to possess thespecifications, like N, B, and G routers on 2.4 GHz. It can be N and A routerson 5 GHz.
  • When you aresurrounded with extra complexities with your router and modem, then it would bea wiser decision to get assistance for getting your Firestick working. As theproblem is related to your modem or router, then it would be the best to get intouch with your Internet Service Provider or ISP, network administrator, oryour router or modem’s manufacturer.

The network usagetool of Amazon Fire Stick no Power

When you realize that the problem of Amazon Fire stick won’t turn on is withyour wireless network, then you can use the network usage tool of yourfirestick for diagnosing the issues with your wireless connection. For gettingto the usage tool, you must go to “Settings” to select “Network” from the TVmenu before pressing the Play or Pause button which is provided on your TVremote. This tool would be able to check whether or not your Firestick isconnected to the ideal wireless network and the connection is active.

The tool is also helpful in displaying if there is any issue with your internet connection. Additionally, the tool turns helpful in providing solutions for getting your Firestick connected if Fire Stick not Turning on.

Firestick Won't Turn on

Troubleshoot AmazonFirestick won’t turn on

If the solutions given above fails to workrelated to the working of your wireless connection, then you can use Firestickrestart which can become successful in doing the trick. Restarting yourFirestick on your modem or router might resolve the issue of your Firestick.For restarting your Fire TV stick, you should unplug in the power adapterbefore plugging it back.

You can also attempt to restart your Firestickwith your remote. For doing this, you must press as well as hold the “Select”button before the “Play” or “Pause” button for five seconds or unless you observethe restarting of your device. The last thing you can do is restarting yourdevice by Settings→ Device→ Restart your Fire TV menu.

When The Problem Lies With Physical Connection

Theproblem that firestick not turning onmay be due to incompatibility with the television set. When your televisiondoesn’t recognize the Firestick, then the matter could be with the process inwhich the Firestick has been inserted into the HDMI port of your TV. You mustcheck as well as ensure that your Firestick is inserted into the HDMI port ofyour TV because a loose connection can stop your Firestick from gettingrecognized.

Anothermajor issue can be the low battery of the remote of your Firestick or lack ofpower which gets to the Firestick. You must be sure that the remote batteriesof your Firestick are charged fully and your Firestick has been plugged intothe official charger or USB power block before you begin to use it.

Now,if you continue to have issues with getting your Firestick recognized plus youhave ruled out all the other problems, then you can assume that the problemlies with the motherboard of your Firestick. At times, the Firestickgetsdamaged permanently when it becomes overheated many times. When you suffer froma defective motherboard or fried firestick, then you will be needed to purchasea new Firestick.

When There is An Issue With Your Fire TV Remote

Whenyou have been experiencing issues with the voice remote of your Fire TV or whenthe screen will not respond to the remote, then you can assume to have apairing error. The solution to this problem is rebooting the Firestick as wellas Fire TV remote before initiating a repairing method. For rebooting yourFirestick, you must unplug it for some seconds before plugging it back.

Afteryou have re-plugged your Firestick, you must hold the “home” button. This“home” button is very much visible on your remote. You must do it for 5-10seconds. However, you must note that during this process, the Firestick oughtto be charged fully.

Sometimes,batteries of the remote may the real cause. Every device is in fine conditionbut you haven’t checked the remote batteries for a long time. In that case, youmust open your remote’s back and see that the batteries are having a connectionwith the metal spring. If you haven\t changed the batteries for a pretty longtime, you should exchange the old batteries with new batteries.

Attimes, the problem lies with the remote only and it possesses faulty buttonsand so, you can substitute your remote. You can also fix the buttons.

When The Issue Lies With Firestick Audio

Whenyour Firestick’s audio is not working, then you can begin by seeing whetheryour TV is on mute and you can check this by reviewing the settings of thevolume. When it doesn’t work, you can attempt the Firestick audio fixing tipsthat are mentioned below:

  • If you think that your external speakers aren’t well-matchedwith your Firestick, then it is better to change the settings of your audio todefault mode for seeing if it solves the issue.
  • When that resolution doesn’t work, then your Firestick can beset to the incorrect audio settings. For adjusting your audio settings, youmust visit the “Settings” option to choose the option “Dolby Digital Output.”
  • Again, the option “Dolby Digital Plus” must be set to “off”.

Whennone of the above-mentioned solutions does fix your Firestick’s audio, then itcan be assumed that the matter is with the HDMI port of your television. So,you must attempt to plug your Firestick into a different device to see whetherit emits sound.

When the Firestick still doesn’t produce audio, then you can assume that the matter lies with the HDMI port of your Fire TV stick. When none of the issues is the cause of your muted Firestick audio, then you must see whether your home theatre system’s cables are properly working. For instance, when you use external speakers, then you must check the tables present in your speaker system for ensuring that they are comfortable and nice.

Some Issues Related to The Image

When your Firestick is not producing images on your TV screen, then the matter could be with the HDMI cable. So, you must check whether the HDMI cable has got a good connection and isn’t having faults. You must also try to unplug the cable for some seconds before replugging it for seeing the appearance of an image. if fire stick still facing issues then call us immediately.

Whenyour HDMI cable has got a shortage, then it can result in errors with theability of your Firestick to produce an image. When you suffer from a shortage,then you should substitute your cable. When your HDMI cable does not sufferfrom a shortage and the problem is not resolved too, then you should try toplug the cable into a different HDMI port, and when the issue is not the cable,but maybe with the image resolution, then you can press the “Up” and “Rewind”buttons simultaneously and hold them for 5 seconds. It will allow your device totoggle via lots of image resolutions that range from 480p-1080p.

Firestick won’t turn on Fixed with Customer Support Phone Number

When all the aforementioned solutions fail to work, then your Fire TV stick’s HDMI port can turn out to be faulty, and you should change your Firestick. When your Firestick has been producing a screen but you see that nothing is displayed on the screen or when you find that the image has been cropped, there may be any critical problem in the screen resolution that needs immediate attention. For fixing that issue, you can make use of your voice remote for changing your screen’s formatting.

Hence,you must click on the format button unless you reach the ideal screenresolution. Most of the time the reason behind this problem happens to be thezoom of your format. You can adjust the display’s scaling by visiting Settings→Display →Calibrate Display on the menu of your Fire TV.

Issues With The Turning On of Your Fire TV Stick

When you face difficulties in Firestick not turning on, then there could be two reasons for it. The first one is the white indicator light isn’t switched on. When this is the cause, then you must check whether the power cord has been plugged in an appropriate order. In many cases, the problem may be just due to the loose connection. When you attempt this solution but find that your Firestick isn’t turning on yet, then the fault may lie inside the power cord that you couldn’t see from outside. In this situation, you must replace the power can also call amazon customer service phone number for more help.

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