You have an Alexa device that comes with various features. With this, you can do a lot of activities like giving an instruction, then it performs it very well. But sometimes there may be some problems in Alexa like Alexa Error 701 enter stop. This often occurs when your device cannot connect to the Internet.

Without delay, let us give you detailed information about both the reasons and remedies to keep it. Before that you should know some tips so that you do not see this problem in the future:

Here are some additional tips for preventing Alexa Error 701:

  • Always try to keep your router and Alexa devices up to date with the latest software.
  • Do not use too many devices with your network at the same time.
  • Also, keep your router away from metal objects or other devices that may interfere with the signal.
  • Place the Wi-Fi extender in a central location in your home.
  • If you’re still having problems, try going to your router.

Causes of Alexa Error 701

There are many factors causing enter stop error 701, due to which this problem increases. Let us know about them only then you will be able to understand their solution very well.

  • First of all, talk about the reason then the connectivity problem increases the error 701 error a lot. Whenever you don’t get a stable connection then it is inevitable that there will be various kinds of internet connection problems. Due to these problems, a weak signal is received by your Alexa device, then this device is not able to operate properly.
  • If the software version of the device is too old and you haven’t updated it yet. Then some files may be corrupt or it may not be able to coordinate properly with its hardware. In such a situation, this error will definitely appear in front of you.
  • If there is any connection problem in your router or modem, then it also comes in front of you due to an incomplete network connection setting.
  • Your router is placed in a location where it can make a sufficient connection to your Alexa device. If it is not then Alexa error 701 will come.

How To Troubleshooting Alexa Error 701

Here are some things you can try to fix Alexa Error 701:

Causes of Alexa Error 701

Check your internet connection

  • If you abruptly encounter this message while using an Alexa-enabled device, you should check the stability of your internet connection.
  • In addition, verify whether your WiFi network is functioning effectively.
  • If the problem persists after verifying this, restart your router or modem. This issue will be resolved once your internet connection has been reset and restored.

Power cycle your Alexa device

If the above solution didn’t work for you then you can put your election device into power cycling mode. By power cycling you will see that your internet connection is working in sufficient condition to connect with Alexa device and with this Alexa Error 701 is not appearing at all.
To do this, disconnect the Alexa device from the power source. Wait a few seconds then plug-in it again. Now you have to wait for 1-2 minutes here, under which Alexa connects to the network and runs smoothly.

Reset your Alexa device

To troubleshoot the error 701 alexa issue, you can also try factory setting your Alexa device. Doing a factory reset makes it work just like it did when it came new.

Sometimes we keep doing something or the other in our daily life, which also spoils the setting of Alexa.It is also critical to repair such a scenario. You must utilise the following options to execute a factory reset:

  • Press and hold the reset button on your Alexa device for about 5 seconds
  • Then, release the button and wait for your device to reset. 

Update your Alexa device

Alexa continues to provide various types of updates from time to time, making it even more vital for you to install them on your device.

In such a situation, keep your device updated, for which follow these steps:

  • Tap on Devices 
  • Go to Echo & Alexa
  • Tap on Settings
  • Select the About option
  • If any update is available, update it with the latest version

Contact Amazon customer support

If none of the solutions is working for you then you can take more help regarding this by visiting Customer Support. There the officials will solve your problem of this by knowing the smallest things you.

Contact an Amazon representative: 1-888-280-4331

Email: [email protected]


After knowing the solutions and reasons mentioned above, you must have understood how easy it was to deal with this problem. All you have to do is always keep your internet connection stable and at high speed. In such a situation, this problem is never going to bother you at all in the future.

Alexa Error 701 Stop Enter: 5 Troubleshooting Tips

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