Amazon Music is considered the best source to listen to your favorite songs. With its help, you enjoy melodious music in a wide variety of languages. It delivers over 30 million songs to you. You just have to take music services. Someday you are listening to your music, and then you get amazon music not playing songs on iPhone.

In which it is written that “there was a problem playing this song. Please try again. If the problem persists. Contact Amazon Customer Service”.

After this problem, your Amazon music starts buffering and no one plays the song.

Why does my amazon music keep saying playback error?

What are the reasons for amazon music playback error 180, because of which you are having trouble, let us know:

  • Whenever our internet connection becomes too slow or due to weather failure it does not work at all.
  • To get Amazon Prime Music, you have to take a type of subscription. If it ends then you see the Amazon Prime playback error coming up
  • If you do not update your application from time to time, then it starts with some problems.
  • Always keep in mind that the quality of streaming is kept in standards mode. If it doesn’t, then you see the cause of Amazon Not Playing Songs Problems.
  • Not clearing the cache memory causes too much load on your application and it becomes a major cause of the problem.
  • Sometimes we accidentally pause our music forever and think that it is not working at all.

How to fix amazon music not playing songs on iPhone

The problem of amazon music app iphone not working can be easily overcome; whose various resources we are telling you below:

May be music disabled

We enjoy Amazon Prime Music in our home or office. Also, you can access your music as and when you want. But suddenly they are unable to play the music. Why does this happen? The biggest reason for this is that your music is disabled.

The second condition may also be that you have removed that track from your music list. Then you do not need to do anything. You can put that song in that list again and it starts playing.

In-app account expired then fix it

Sometimes your account gets expired because of not paying attention because of which, whenever you go to access it amazon music not playing all the songs Problem appears on your screen. In this case, you can start this service again by talking to firestick customer support.

Amazon Music Not Playing Songs

Your subscription or account has expired, and then you need to check it properly. For which you have to follow the steps given below:

  • Log in to your Amazon account and click on the account option
  • Now you see the option of Membership and Subscription, select it.
  • A small list appears in front of you where the subscription activation is written.
  • If it is deactivated then you need to activate it by clicking

Correct the deficiency in internet

Suddenly amazon music app not working on iphone in such a situation, your slow internet connection is a very big reason. For this, you always have to pay attention to use the fastest internet plan. After this, you never get to see the problem of amazon music not playing downloaded songs.

Internet connection disturbances can sometimes be caused by your WiFi connection. We install our wifi device very far, due to which internet is not available to you in a proper way. Then you have to install the wifi router within your range.

Check Music Pauses settings

We use music and suddenly this music starts to pauses on its own. This is due to the lack of proper connection to the Internet. Then you have to adopt some methods, after which the amazon music not playing on iphone problem goes away.

  • First of all, open your Amazon Music app
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Here you see allow the application to use mobile data, select it and restart your device.

Time to time Update your App

The application always has to be updated when the amazon music app iphone not working arrives, so that it gets the latest version. Whenever we do not do this, then you see the amazon music playback error sorry something went wrong. In this case, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Play store with your device
  • Here you see my apps and game option
  • Below which you also get the update now option
  • Where different types of application updates are shown
  • Here you have to set up Amazon Music and update it.

Fix usage limit with amazon family plan

Due to listening to songs continuously, the usage limit inside our device becomes full. With which you get the amazon music not playing songs on iPhone error and you think that your subscription has expired.

Let us know that when you take a personal account, only a few users can use that application inside it. Because of which you are getting these problems.

We will adjust you to always take the amazon music family plan, in which more than 6 devices can be operated simultaneously.

Convert Streaming Quality to standard mode

Streaming quality makes a big impact somewhere. When you listen to songs at higher streaming quality, then your data gets used a lot. After some time it starts buffering because your data is exhausted. Therefore, we are telling you something below, after which you can save your data, and amazon music not playing songs on Alexa is not available.

  • Go to the amazon music application
  • And click on the Settings option
  • The playback option appears here
  • After clicking it, click on the Streaming Quality Option.
  • Now the streaming quality has to be selected in standard mode after which all settings have to be saved.

Always Force Restart your amazon App 

In the event of amazon music not working on firestick, the application has to be restarted, after which the problem goes away forever.

These types of applications are installed in your mobile with a very high load and also keep running in the background.

Whenever you go to operate it, then it starts to hang. A force restart is considered the best option in such a situation. For which some steps are given below:

  • Go to your Android device settings
  • Click on applications and notifications
  • Here you have to search Amazon Music and click on Directly Stop
  • Reboot your device after about 10 seconds
  • You come, you don’t get the trouble of Amazon Prime Music

Connect with Amazon customer support

The problem of amazon music error code 180 is still not going away with the help of the solutions given above. Then you can connect directly to Amazon Music Help Center, where all your information is verified step by step.

To contact the technical team for amazon music app not working on iphone, you have to follow some steps given below.

  • Log in to your Amazon Music application
  • On the right top corner, you see 3 dots, by clicking on it; you see the option for contact customer support.
  • This option is to issue your application after clicking, and also to add streaming problems.
  • As soon as you enter the information, then you see a means of contacting you by phone or email.
  • You can take any option at your convenience and contact the direct technical team


The reasons for amazon music app iphone not working are known and how they can be overcome. But still, you are not getting the solution to your problem then you can talk on Amazon Music Customer Support. Maybe there is a region that a non-technical person does not understand, in such a situation only the technical team can help you, which can also be considered to be the right understanding.

How to Fix Amazon Music Not Playing Songs on iPhone

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