You don’t want your children or family members to use the Fire Stick to watch YouTube videos. The biggest reason for this is that children are still young and they go to school but due to some reason they watch some videos which are not useful for them. Then you’re in a position where you want to block youtube on firestick.  By the way, Fire Stick is being liked a lot in today’s time, and with the passage of time, its popularity is increasing very much.

Various types of streaming channels work smoothly inside them. If we have taken any paid subscription of any service, then that too can be easily operated inside it. In today’s time, things have advantages, but somewhere their disadvantages are also being seen. This is the reason why you want to close youtube on fire stick because your kids give full time to it and don’t pay any attention to their studies.

Ways to Block YouTube on Fire Stick

Block YouTube on Firestick

To block youtube on Firestick, you can use a variety of ways, including youtube uninstall, parental control, and blocking youtube. These techniques limit access to Amazon movies, TV series, games, apps, photographs, and other items.

 If you allow them, then only the content reaches your family members or friends, otherwise, they are deprived of these services. We’ll go over a few methods after which you’ll be able to figure out how to block youtube on fire stick.

Uninstall YouTube on Firestick

You can follow the steps given below to uninstall YouTube services on Fire Stick.

  • Go to Fire TV device
  • You reach the setting option
  • After that you have to select the application option
  • Under Application Options, you see the Manage Installed Applications option.
  • Now you search YouTube application in the search box and click on uninstall button to remove it completely
  • After this there are some on-screen instructions that you follow and your YouTube gets uninstalled from Fire Stick.

Contact Amazon Support

If you are not able to understand the above solutions properly and also not able to know how to block youtube on fire stick.
In this case, you can connect to fire stick support number. From here the technical team gives you various types of information, after which your YouTube is completely blocked or uninstalled on Firestick.
If you are still unable to comprehend even speaking with the technical team. Then, by visiting the Amazon community, you can submit your complaint. From here, the technical staff walks you through the procedure step by step. Otherwise, this inconvenient situation can be avoided by just contacting support via chat.

Delete YouTube App on Firestick

By the way, once you’ve installed YouTube on your Firestick, you won’t be able to use it with anyone else in your house. However, if you want to entirely remove this application, you must choose the option listed below.

  • You have to first go to the home page of Amazon account
  • From here you click on the Amazon Account and List option
  • Now you have to select my account option
  • After which digital content and devices appear in front of you
  • From here you click on My Apps option
  • The list of applications opens in front of you.
  • Now you select the YouTube option in the search box.
  • After you have found YouTube, you will click on the YouTube option
  • You will be asked to take action
  • In such a situation, you select the delete option and see that YouTube has been completely deleted on Fire Stick.

Set Parental Controls on Fire TV

Now we are telling you about such a way through which there will be no need to uninstall YouTube from Fire Stick. It gets blocked in the normal way. This type of method is also called the parental control option.

Let us know how to enable Parental Control on Fire Stick.

  • You have to first go to the home page of Fire Stick
  • From here you reach the setting option
  • Under the Settings option, you see the Preferences option
  • From here you select the parental control option
  • After this, you enable the parental control option, which requires entering a type of PIN that you create.
  • Now you can apply for whatever level of restriction you want to apply from there.
  • From here you select the YouTube application and put it under the parent control option

After this, whenever your child or any other family member tries to access it, it does not work and you come that YouTube is completely blocked on the forestry.


We have tried to tell you various ways after which you can easily complete How to Block YouTube on Fire Stick.

These methods are very common, which can be easily understood and completed step by step, but still, you are getting inconvenienced. Then our suggestion is that you should check that there are no technical difficulties in the firistic device.

 If so, then talk to the technical team and get the device replaced.

How Do I Block YouTube on Firestick 2021

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