The Amazon Fire Stick device has revolutionized the way we consume media, bringing entertainment straight to our fingertips. We can easily see what we want to see.

However, like any other device, if Fire Stick is not paid attention to, there may be some problems in its ability to function. Therefore, to keep the Fire Stick running properly, we have to close those useless applications that you are not using today.

Here we will tell you everything about this:

Steps To Close apps on firestick

Below are the useful steps for it: 

Navigating to the Settings Menu

Whenever you want to close any application on the Firestick device. Then to get started, you have to go to the home screen and find the Settings icon.

In general, this icon is represented by a gear symbol located at the far right of the top row. After this, to navigate to the Settings icon, you have to select it by pressing the center button with the help of your remote control.

Accessing the Applications Section

In no time you enter the Settings menu. Here you will find a list of different options by scrolling down. You can use the remote controller to scroll.

Here you have to find the Applications section. This option is designed to restrict installed apps.

Identifying the App to Close

You have reached the Applications sub-menu. The application list displayed here is in front of you. Now you can find the application you want to close on your Fire Stick device.

To make your search easier, you can filter the list by name or date installed.

Initiating the Force Close Process

Once you find the application you want to close, select it on your remote control. For example, if you want to close the Hulu application then you have to select it here.

Now to close the application, the Force Stop option will be given there, select this option and press the OK button to confirm.

Verifying the App Closure

That application will be forced to close within some time. After this, you should ensure that that application does not run in the background. You can view the list of running ups to verify this process.

If that application is not available on the list then you should understand that the selected application has been successfully closed on the Fire Stick.

Troubleshooting Common App Closing Issues

If you encounter any problems when closing applications on Fire Stick, consider the options below:

  • When an application freezes, you need to wait for a few seconds to see if it responds or not. If it is not allowing the process then you force close the app.
  • If there is no app switcher on your Fire Stick device then try restarting your Firestick.
  • If you receive a message when closing an application, update your Fire Stick and try clearing the app cache.
  • Some applications impact the performance of firestick. So to reduce resource usage and ensure smooth operation, you should only use lightweight and optimized applications designed for Fire Stick.
  • The Fire Stick also runs some background processes on its system, which is part of the way the Firestick works. But this makes your device slow. So remove those background processes which are not of any use to you. To limit background processes, go to Settings > Preferences > Privacy Settings > Background Apps and Processes. Here you can choose to limit the number of background processes running.


To optimize the performance of Amazon Fire Stick, it is considered a good practice to close unused applications on this device. By doing this the lifespan of your device increases. Therefore, our suggestion is to make it a habit to close apps after using them.

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