How to find lost firestick remote? This is a deep question, but it is usually searched for around you. But due to haste, we start getting a little upset. It is the tendency of every human being that he forgets things, due to which he starts having trouble.
In today’s technological age, everything comes with an extraordinary feature, which we also call a GPS system; It is a medium that works in a convenient manner and gives you access to your things. It is also quite easy to find it with the help of these GPS techniques.

You all will be aware that Amazon Fire TV Stick works with an exceptional WiFi connection which also requires device setup. WiFi turns on when you lose your Firestick remote. It also connects automatically but can additionally be disconnected when you use its maximum range.

lost firestick remote

You need to connect Bluetooth to your Fire TV Stick which you can share with your Fire Stick and your device is detected instantly. Or you can also call Firestick customer support for the same. You can use the Amazon Fire TV app to locate the firestick remote. For this, install the Amazon Fire TV app and log in to your Amazon account. After signing in here, your smartphone will automatically detect the TV.

We can overcome this problem with the help of the below-mentioned measures.

Reasons for Lost Firestick Remote

Unpair conditions

Sometimes your remote suddenly becomes unpair due to which the remote gets in a situation like losing, so always keep your surroundings organized. Due to this locate lost firestick remote easily and securely.

Wifi connection error

Whenever you use firestick remote then after some time your wifi connection goes away. After waiting for some time in this situation it recovers again but you put your remote in there and think that the find lost amazon fire tv remote.

Battery damage

In the event of a remote battery malfunction, you go your remote around or think of throwing it away. Then you want to use that remote again, then you do not get it. So don’t be careless at all and suppose about your remote in particular.

One thing you have to take exceptional care of is that whenever you use a fire stick; keep your remote mostly in the surrounding areas. If wifi connectivity is not available at all, then it will be tough to discover it and your fire stick remote will be lost.

How to Find Lost Firestick Remote

If you have forgotten or lost Fire Stick Remote, then we will tell you some solutions with the help of which you can get it again.

Use New or old remote

How to find lost firestick remote? Then you can use any new or old remote because this is the easiest way to clear up your problem.

We all comprehend that your wifi completely controlled it, so whenever you are using the historic remote, then you will need some vital setup. After this, it will pair easily.

If you have taken a new remote and want to use it then you will have to entire a small pairing setup. After this, your fire stick will start working as before.

For this, you have to press and hold the press and hold button. Now you have to press your back and arrow button for 10 seconds. These two activities must be collectively after which your fire stick will work properly.

Use Smart Tv Remote instead FireStick Remote

If you have lost Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote then You are very much fed up, in such a situation you can easily control the firestick with your TV remote.

In today’s time, any TV comes with smart features that are connected to HDMI. You can easily connect the remote of that smart TV with the Amazon Fire Stick. To connect the remote of another TV to the Fire TV Stick, you must complete the pairing process which we are mentioning below.

  • Go to your settings using the home button
  • Now click on controller and bluetooth device
  • After which the option of Fire TV Stick Remote appears
  • Here the smart option of Add New Remote will appear where you have to add that remote.

Check your own house

The best thing with Fire Stick Remote is that it is also called a Smart Remote. Some people are often helpless by forgetting habits by keeping things. And want to get that thing again. With the Fire Stick Remote, it becomes much easier for which you will have to take the help of a remote navigator.

  • If you are connected to the same network and want to find the remote. For which you have to download firestick remote app with the help of playstore
  • Now after installing the application it connects with your remote
  • And a popup also appears on your screen
  • After some time you are given step by step instructions so that you can easily control your fire stick remote.
  • So it is very difficult to find a normal remote but it is much easier to find a fire stick remote because it is given to you with a smart feature in itself.

Check hidden places

Whenever your Amazon Fire Stick remote is lost, in such a situation you can have a remote in some places, for this you can see the remote under books and furniture. There may be other places in people’s homes where children have hidden the remote.

Where you’ve been

You have to think about where you went when the remote was in your hand. Thinking like this, you can suddenly remind that thing and you can get your firestick remote.

Sometimes our mind is on something else and by mistake, we leave our fire stick remote in a place where we cannot even discuss later. For this, you can check around your fridge or in your hall.

Ask Family members

Your family member has recently used your remote. Then he may have moved from one place to another. For which you can normally ask the person because in your absence he may have left that remote in some part of your house which you do not know so you can talk to them.

Be more watchful

You understand how to take care of your things very well. Then nothing of yours occurs right here and there because the possibilities of dropping the fire stick remote in such a scenario are reduced to an exceptional extent. We will adjust you every time you do not use the remote, and then maintain it around your fire stick.

Mark your remote

How to find lost firestick remote? then you also get a little nervous because you are unable to use your device. For this, you can put some such ribbon in the remote so that any remote can be easily identified and it can be easy to remember. When you do this, then your thing remains around you.

Attach a cheap GPS

The Amazon Fire Stick Remote is considered to be very expensive. Buying it is not a matter of bus for the common people as this remote will keep losing time and again and you will have trouble again and again. You can also put a GPS tracker on the Amazon Fire Stick Remote because it also comes very cheap. With its help, if your fire stick remote is lost, then you can easily find it.

Check near about home

Sometimes there can be a situation where your fire stick remote is lost and you do not know whether it is in the house or outside the house.

Then you have to keep in mind that you are linked to the same wifi. For which you have to install the utility in your smartphone and connect that application to your firestick. But you will need another device that will make you work like a WiFi hotspot.

You want a smartphone with Fire TV remote utility installed inside it. Second, you will want an Android phone with the assist of which WiFi hotspot can entire the process.

  • We know that your fire stick is working with your WiFi name and also recognizes it. For this you will need to install wifi under a new name.
  • Install and open your Fire TV app on the phone. Create a new mobile hotspot that will be given with the same wifi name and password.
  • The android you have converted into a hotspot will now start working as your remote.

Test Keyboard or Mouse

How to find lost firestick remote? For this, you can easily use a keyboard and mouse. It is considered very complicated somewhere but if you have a little technical understanding then you can do it easily.

  • You must bring a USB connector. It works as a USB OTG connector with your fire stick. Now you have to connect your firetsick by taking USB device for which you can connect both of them with connector.
  • After this is complete, your keyboard and mouse are connected to the fire stick as we do in our personal computers.

But as we said, it is very difficult, so most people are not able to use it. The best way is to get a new remote or try to add an old remote to your home.

Connect Bluetooth Accessories

You can buy some Bluetooth accessories that work with Fire Stick. You can run Fire TV easily with the help of Bluetooth. For which you will get a Bluetooth mouse easily.

Now you have to connect Fire TV app with your Fire TV and go to Bluetooth page navigation. For which click on Settings and select Remote Bluetooth Device. Now your device connects and now with its help, you can do all the activities that you have been doing with the fire stick remote.


In this way, you have learned how to get a fire stick remote if it is lost or you forget it by putting it somewhere. Some reasons and the best solutions are mentioned above. If you are nonetheless not capable to discover your remote, you can get a new remote in such a situation, this would be an excellent alternative because it is better to get the right solution at the right time than get upset.

Is there a way to locate FireStick remote?

Always use the Amazon Fire TV app for this type of problem. If you’ve lost your Fire TV remote, you’ll need to install the Amazon Fire TV app and log in to your Amazon account. After signing in, your smartphone will automatically detect the TV.

Can you track a fire stick?

There is no way to trace the FireStick remote as it can get lost due to any reason. But you can find it by putting the GPS chip on the remote or with the help of the Amazon Fire TV app.

How Do I Find Lost Firestick Remote

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