Why is firestick black screen after logo comes and why it comes repeatedly on your screen? Fire tv has many reasons like cable problems in HD, remote problems, signals are not receiving properly, power supply. so you can easily resolve amazon fire stick black screen after logo problems.

Amazon Fire Stick gives you nonstop entertainment. It teaches you with such technology. Through this, you enjoy web series and movies very much but as you get used to it, after some time it causes some problems inside it. Because it is a type of device that has some flaws. Many applications are also equipped inside it, which is very important for you. These applications work continuously with your device, but sometimes there is a drawback in the application because of which your device does not work properly.

When Amazon Fire Stick black screen occurs, you can restart firestick, which can easily fix the black screen problem.

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Wait until your Fire Stick home screen is displayed and wait for the screen.
  • On the remote, press and hold the “Home” button for 10 seconds.
  • Once you have found “Settings Options”, click on “My Fire TV Options”
  • Here click on the “Restart button” to restart the device.

Why Is My Firestick Showing A Black Screen?

Before resolving anything, it is very important to know the reasons for it. Let’s see, the reasons for firestick which causes you to get an amazon fire stick not working black screen 2021-22 error again and again.

Firestick Black Screen
  • When you are using defaulted Fire Stick Remote or its batteries.
  • Due to Several rude modifications amid Host Files.
  • The incidence of fault while executing the booting procedure.
  • If insufficient Power Supply continuously
  • Amazon fire stick no power
  • When you apply incorrect Input sources
  • Facing Issues with an HDMI cable
  • Due to fire stick remote blinking orange light
  • Creation utilizes unauthenticated power
  • Defaulted Motherboard
  • Outmoded Firmware of your Fire TV stick
  • Some fault while trying to modernize the firmware.
  • Hardware destruction with the Fire Stick.

Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo

Method 1:

You have known various reasons for the amazon fire stick black screen after logo. Now you want to know about its solution too. There can be many solutions but the one that works the most is as follows

  • You need to restart your firestick device
  • You have connection equipment then use it
  • Now time to turn on A/V receivers with sound bar
  • Make connection with correct input
  • Connect your firetv with television
  • You have HDMI Port, then disconnect it and after 5-10 seconds plug it back
  • Replace your high speed HDMI cable with new 4k Hdmi cable
  • Match HDMi port with remote sources
  • Now restart everything and you will see your fire tv black screen after logo error resolved


The problem of the amazon fire stick black screen no logo is easily overcome with the above solution, but sometimes that method does not work, for that, we are telling you another method which is as follows

  • You have to go to new in your firestick home page
  • Where you get the settings option
  • You also see the button to restart within the Settings option, just click it
  • Wait some time
  • Otherwise, hold the select button and Play/Pause button for five seconds
  • You have to take care whenever you start a firestick
  • Then a perfect power source is required to complete this process.
  • You can also use HDMI Extender for this
  • The capacity and wire of this extender are very long, due to which it can reach your device easily.

Detailed Guide on Fixing Black Screen on Fire TV Stick

Now we make you some ways with which you can remove the amazon fire stick not working black screen very easily.

What are these methods and what should we keep in mind that is as follows:

Restarting Devices

If you want to get rid of your problem as soon as possible, then for this you have to restart your device immediately. This is a very smart way to solve your problem. If the firestick won’t turn on while rebooting then go to customer support.

Here are the steps:

Restarting Devices

To start over your device turn off the power > obtain the plug out > stay for a few seconds > set the plug back > switch it back to ON.

Perfect Internet Connection

A better internet connection is very important for your firestick. We remind you that you can make a plan from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps which is sufficient for your device.

Perfect Internet Connection

Because of this, the problem of buffering your fire stick also goes away. If internet connectivity is not achieved properly then your screen is not able to load properly and you see an amazon fire stick black screen.

It depends on you which company is using the internet connection. you can also check the speed of your internet connection.

Check Internal Connections

After the fire stick black screen, you have to check your connection properly. If any connection is not connected properly then you can easily set up it by reading it from the manual guide.

Check Internal Connections

After this, your problem is removed if a connection is broken, in this condition, you can replace that part and replace it with a new one. You will also face amazon firestick no signal issues due to internet connections.

Fix Your Sound Bar

If you have connected the TV stick to the soundbar system then you have to make sure that its inputs match the input of your device. If it does not then your screen starts to black who causes your fire tv & soundbar system does not to work.

You have to check all the input and output sources one after the other, your screen will start working properly and you will not have to see any problem.

Correct HDMI Cable

You have to take care of your HDMI cable very much because it is directly attached to your device. If it is broken, then you can replace it and install a new HDMI cable which you can order from the Amazon store in your home or office.

Remove Unnecessary Connections

In today’s time, many such gadgets and technology have come with it. We use it with our devices. We also use Amazon Echo & Alexa which is compatible with it.

Remove Unnecessary Connections

When you install a third-party connection with your firestick. Then your fire stick does not accept properly. so we adjust you to always use the authorized connection.

Fix Your Remote Issues

There are many such remotes in the market that can control your TV. But we prove to you that you always use the fire stick remote. Because of that, you will not get any problems whenever you connect the fire stick remote. You have to take care that it is plugged into the right HDMI port

After this, the step-by-step process starts on your screen, which you have to follow for the fire stick blank screen after the amazon logo.

Is HDMI Port Correct

Whenever you connect your television and firestick. Then you have to keep in mind that the port you are using is working properly. If there is any problem with it, then your screen is not properly Is seen.

In this condition, you need a manual guide, which you can read and connect your connection properly. if you do not fix the HDMI port then the possibility of firestick no sound problems.

Check For  Overheating

You must have often noticed that your fire stick is always connected with the charger. When you use it to watch your favorite video for a long time, in this condition, its temperature becomes high and there is some indication on your screen.

Check For Overheating

After this, suddenly your screen gets blanched. Now you are afraid of even a little bit but you have to turn off your fire TV for some time as soon as all the conditions start to normalize. After that everything is fine on your device.

Step to fix overheating

  • You need to use Force Close apps which will stop background process
  • Now unplug everything which automatically refreshes your device
  • Delete all unused app from FireStick
  • Now your fire tv amazon logo then nothing problems far away

Check Screen Resolution

Whenever you use a fire stick, you always have to use the correct resolution. Because the resolution is not set properly your firestick will not work well under this condition.

To find the resolution option, you have to go to the home screen. Where you search it in the search box after that you get different types of options there. You can use your content by setting the correct resolution according to your own.

Steps to change screen & fix firestick black screen after logo

  • You need to go to setting option and press home button
  • Now you get display and & sound option
  • Connect to display
  • Now Calibrate Display your display
  • After this click on up & down button then click on full screen
  • This will automatically fix your screen
  • Now press on accept command and your problem resolved
How do you fix a black screen on Amazon Fire Stick?

You should restart your device and always use proper internal connections
Times to turn on A/V receivers and connect with the proper input port
After a few seconds, you need to disconnect the device and HDMI and plug it back
This can resolve firestick shows amazon logo then nothing issues

Why does my Firestick have no picture?

Here is any reason or cause like very slow internet, broken cable, Hardware not working well and much more. You need to disconnect everything and replace the HDMI cable.

Why is my Firestick not loading home screen?

A very common solution to fix firestick black screen remote not working, restart your device and wait for a few seconds otherwise Press and hold the Play/Pause buttons and restart all connections.

Why does my fire stick have sound but no picture?

Your TV should be ON in all conditions and connect HDMI to Fire TV. You need to check for all cables are working fine with a proper internet connection.


You have used all types of solutions, but the problem of the amazon fire stick not working black screen still remains on your screen, for you will have to talk to the Amazon technical team as soon as possible.

Whenever you go to talk to them, it is very important to keep in mind that you are getting your internet connectivity at high speed because they will tell some solutions for which you will need internet very much.

How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo

5 thoughts on “How To Fix Amazon Fire Stick Black Screen After Logo

  • April 13, 2020 at 1:34 pm

    The first day, my fire stick worked fine. The next, in the middle of a show, it went to black screen and now no matter what I select after main screen, when it transitions to show or movie the screen goes black.
    Please help!

  • April 27, 2020 at 10:46 am

    Please help. I have tried everything it says to online about a reset and factory reset and all my tv does is come up with the amazon logo and then it goes black again. I have unplugged my hdmi cable, power cable, etc. I have not even had my device for a year.

    • January 31, 2021 at 10:46 pm

      Did anyone find a solution to this problem?
      My fire stick was working absolutely fine 2 days ago. Now when I try to load it up, it comes up with Amazon; then nothing. Just a black screen. Replaced batteries, unplugged every wire from the fire stick, tv and mains and STILL nothing. Getting very annoyed now!

      • March 6, 2021 at 12:37 pm

        You can now easily connect with amazon team and tell them your issues.

  • July 19, 2020 at 4:46 am

    I purchased a 4K stick and have connected it to 2 TVs and neither one responded or booted or recognized any input.
    Is it because I only have 1080 TVs ?
    I have plugged and unplugged the power and the HDMI plug,
    Held every button on the remote for 2 minutes, and cursed at the device.
    What’s wrong?


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